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Why was he allowed to carry a gun? Bill Cosby speaks out against Zimmerman
I wonder if Bill’s personal security in cozy Shelburne Falls is unarmed, or is HE different?

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  1. Ilion

    “When seconds matter, the police are only minutes away (*)”


    We ALL have to take responsibility for keeping the thugs under control — even if we turned the nation into a full-fledged police state, there could never be enough police officers to stop most crime, much less all, before it happens.  The fact is, only in the most rare of circumstances do the police actually stop crime; and these days, that’s not their job, anyway.

    (*) Unless you’re being murdered in Europe, in which case they may be only hours away.

  2. ecotim

    At first I was disappointed with what he said, and then I thought about it. Bill is the best person to listen to when it comes to race relations. He can see both sides and know when something is racial or just pretend. I then re-read his words, Two things jumped out after the second reading, one nowhere does he say that the kid is racially attacked, and that he is innocent. He also does not accuse Zimmerman of being racist. He does indicate that because he had the gun he was more comfortable to confront a person of questionable circumstances. Which is really the issue, yes Zimmerman had the right to defend himself but he but himself into that situation, even after the police told him not to confront the youth.

    So I still like Bill I respect his point of view. I wish more, no both sides, would take the time to evaluate the whole case. Too many are jumping on partial evidence. Especially those that only listened to the edited version of NBC.  I have a friend that is a president of an HOA.  His neighborhood had a high crime and drug rate before he took over.  He has improved the area cut the drugs in half and made the place better.  He walks the neighborhood, not with a gun though.  He has hired off duty police to patrol the area and has given then authority to stop anyone.  If you do not have a reason to be there then leave.  They have arrested, since starting this program, a handful of people who had outstanding warrants on them because of this.


    • Ilion

      “<I>… but he put himself into that situation, even after the police told him not to confront the youth.</i>”


      Or so the “liberals” claim … but, “liberals” will lie about anything.

    • n.n

      Following this logic to its natural conclusion then it is justified to restrict anything that may offer comfort and bolster confidence, for example a group of say three or more people.  We know this behavior predisposes certain individuals to participate in riots, looting, and worse.

      From what I recall, Zimmerman did not confront Martin.  He followed him, but before ever confronting him, returned to his vehicle.  It was around that time that Martin confronted Zimmerman and likely mounted a surprise assault.

      The best argument I have heard in opposition of Zimmerman carrying a gun is that he was restricted by the terms set forth in the Neighborhood Watch program.  Still, if Martin did in fact confront and assault Zimmerman, then that point is only incidental to the event.  If that was the case, then Martin bears full responsibility for everything that transpired, including his ultimate death.

  3. Iron Mike

    I can forgive Doctor Cosby for his unconstitutional remarks.

    Many of you don’t remember that his son Ennis was murdered – shot in the head by a white kid – a Ukrainian immigrant who was robbing him in 1997.

    Cosby‘s emotional reaction to the TM case can be excused.  Cosby himself testified in court to save the murderer from the death penalty.  He got life + 10 years….

    • Igor

      Machine, as far as I care your race is the HUMAN race.  Extra melanin in the skin is just a trait, everybody bleeds red and all God’s children got hemoglobin.  Parts are interchangeable, knowwhutImean?

      But the data is indeed horrible.  Satan’s hold on Men’s hearts is truly staggering.

      • Ilion

        While your motivating sentiment is noble, the result is still contrary to truth.  Once one understands the correct meaning of the term ‘race’, one sees that there are all sorts of races within the over-arching human race, that there are all sorts of legitimate ways to divide the total human population into different races — for example, we used to make a big deal about distinguishing ‘the English race’ from all others, and especially from ‘the French race’.  We presently alternately obsess over and deny (which is another way of obsessing) the ‘continental races’ – of which, by the way, far more is involved than melanin.

  4. The Machine

    Bill blames the inanimate object and not the person…

    The disconnect of the psyche that cannot bear the reality of truth. 

    The society, on the other hand, suffers from the disconnect that leads them to value whatever a celebrity or entertainer  happens to say about a serious subject. 

    If I could ask him, I’d ask Dr Cosby what would have happened had is own son, who was murdered by thugs, would have happened to have possessed and used his own firearm on that fateful night…


    • Igor

      Indeed, Bill would most likely still have a son to talk to.

      Bill, get your head screwed on straight.  While I respect and admire you, you can be wrong, y’know…

  5. RightSide

    I admirre and respect Cosby and credit him with trying to positively motivate the black community but on carrying guns he is wrong. I have a concealed carry permit and it’s purely for defensive purposes. It doesn’t embolden me to go into dicey situations that I wouldn’t try to do if I were not armed. On the contrary it makes me more cautious.

    I don’t “… mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.” This is wrong-headed My intent is purely defensive and I’m pretty certain most people with legal carry permits feel the same way.. If threatened then the objective is to stop the aggression. I’ve never pulled my weapon or fired it self-defense but would without hesitation. If I was on my back getting my head pounded into the sidewalk I would fire, too.

    Unlicensed gang-bangers and criminals may fit Cosby’s model because they are acting aggressively. Responsible gun owners never brandish their weapons. They act defensively. There are plenty of examples. See


  6. Tallyman

    Bill needs to walk a mile in the hood without a gun every night for a year.

  7. PB-in-AL

    Well, Bill, there is that pesky little 2nd amendment… Oh yeah, and he did have a concealed carry permit.

    Go back to sleep, Bill.


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