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Sharpton and Guest: O’Keefe Guilty Of Voter Fraud
I won’t go as far as totally slamming slow-talkin’ Al on this as I don’t think MSNBC would allow him to write his own script (if he could)

  • Quick question for Al.  Did O’Keefe actually VOTE?

    If the answer is No, then he didn’t commit voter fraud.


    • IT Nerd

      Not only did he NOT vote, he did NOT claim to be Holder.

      • n.n

        What a clever fellow.  Not only does he demonstrate greater integrity than JournoLists, but he is also more effective.  It’s no wonder that he retains most “favored” status among his competing interests.

  • Igor

    Al Sharpton: Guilty of impersonating a responsible reporter…

  • Palmetto

    Al, you’ve eaten too many “Skillets”  and fried your brain.

  • aelfheld

    If anyone knows about fraud it’s the Rev. Al.

  • IT Nerd

    Resist we much.

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