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Sharpton and Guest: O’Keefe Guilty Of Voter Fraud
I won’t go as far as totally slamming slow-talkin’ Al on this as I don’t think MSNBC would allow him to write his own script (if he could)

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  1. Mauser

    Quick question for Al.  Did O’Keefe actually VOTE?

    If the answer is No, then he didn’t commit voter fraud.


    • IT Nerd

      Not only did he NOT vote, he did NOT claim to be Holder.

      • n.n

        What a clever fellow.  Not only does he demonstrate greater integrity than JournoLists, but he is also more effective.  It’s no wonder that he retains most “favored” status among his competing interests.

  2. Igor

    Al Sharpton: Guilty of impersonating a responsible reporter…

  3. Palmetto

    Al, you’ve eaten too many “Skillets”  and fried your brain.


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