Ewww Of The Day

Pizza Hut unveils hot dog stuffed crust pizza
Thank God it’s a UK thing for now. Not sure about this one…

  • Mommy RN

    My husband is a Brit. This garbage will definitely sell! Ugh… he’d love this!

    A frequent conversation in our house is:
    Hubs: I’d love a good English breakfast.
    Me: There’s NO SUCH THING as a GOOD English breakfast!

  • chrisbg99

    I’d give it a shot.

  • Hotdog …. barf!


  • Igor

    Now, if it was Kelbasa-stuffed crust, I’d be all over it like stink on snot.

  • You should go on vacation somewhere that Brits favour…. breakfast snacks and happy hour …. freekin wieners.

    The same folks snub their noses at  real hot dog …. but those cut up franks! …. whoooo baby!

    Interesting discussions about what wine goes best with ………..

  • Subliminal Watch

    The Joy of English Cooking.  My father told me that in England, they boiled steaks.

  • IT Nerd


    I’m looking forward to dining at Flava Flav’s House of Flavor fried chicken joint.  Didn’t know he went to culinary school back in the 70’s.


    • GoodMojo

      Flav could add pizza to his menu and top them to look like tremendous clocks!   Yeah, Boyyeee!

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