The B&R Wednesday Skim

Obama team mocks, underestimates Romney
Obama’s Team Is Overconfident? Really?
One thing the team has in common with the candidate: talking a lot of shit

Tsunami warning after massive earthquake hits waters off Indonesia while David Cameron visits the country
Not good
The real race begins: Romney v Obama
Obama team signals nasty White House race
So much for “hope and change”
Don’t Do Business with Progressive Appeasers
The list is getting longer
Girl Scouts: No involvement with Planned Parenthood
Take them at their word…
Media Dishonesty and Race Hustlers
Kinda hand-in-hand nowadays
Gawker Has Hired A Mole From Fox News, And They’ve Already Released A Behind-The-Scenes Video With Romney
So, How Long Do You Think Before Fox News Finds Gawker’s Mole?
Two can play at that game and if there is a mole at any of the liberal channels, they’ll reveal much more than outtakes
Bride and (fake) doom
Almost forgot about this bitch. Justice is sometimes slow
Holder’s Black Panther blind spot
No Attention for Daylight Highway Stabbing in Alabama
New Video Released Of St. Patrick’s Day Attack
No Just-Us, no peace
Prosecutor’s quandary: Zimmerman may be indicted, then acquitted
George Zimmerman’s lawyers withdraw from case, lose contact with Trayvon-case shooter
Loose cannon client in hiding
Scott Walker Can Relax
And we’ll be there to bring you all the fun leading up to recall day
Gov. Christie: Nation turning into ‘people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check’
Obama: I’m not trying to ‘redistribute wealth’
I DID say talking a lot of shit…

Justice Dept.: S.C. voter ID law violates Voting Rights Act
Again, most black people don’t seem to think so

Wireless providers to disable stolen phones
John Edwards gambles on N.C. jury to avoid prison
Sounds like a real lack of options
Federal agency cancels new Vegas conference amid scandal over its lavish 2010 event
Damn, and it’s all Bush’s fault!
Pay TV costing a pretty penny, and rising
It costs a lot to watch a Kardashian and get nothing out of it
PBS Anchor Gwen Ifill Inaccurately Describes Zimmerman as ‘White’
Wishful thinking

8 Responses

  1. aelfheld

    So much for “hope and change”

    Oh no.

    Barry’s all about the ‘hope and change’.

    He’s hoping we’ll change our minds and put him back in office for another four years.

  2. Dave J

    Thats quite a diverse team he has there…I can pick out at least two “white” Asians in that photo.

  3. RoseRRR

    Pay TV costing a pretty penny, and rising

    I currently receive bundled HD cable, high-speed internet, and landline phone service from Comcast.  A couple of weeks ago, I called them and told them I was thinking about dropping my cable because I was tired of paying for so many channels I never watched.  The customer service representative then connected me to a “Retention Representative”.

    After explaining why I was calling and stating that I wasn’t willing to keep on paying so much, they offered me a 12-month promotional package that gave me the exact same service, but for more than $50 less a month than what I was paying.  That will save me more than $600 over the next year.

    Perhaps the cable companies fear that they will start hemorrhaging customers due to the economy and the excessive number of crappy channels they are making us purchase.  I recommend calling your provider to see if they are willing to give you a better deal.

    • Koala

      Thanks for the tip, RoseRRR. I will call mine Thursday!

  4. The Machine

    There is a very easy way to pay much less than the current price for Cable TV. 

    Have it shut off, like we did over 12 years ago. 

    And reclaim your life.

  5. Tallyman

    Gawker’s mole complains of ad hominem attacks on Obama.  The point is that Obama the Liar is more foul than anything Fox can say about him.

    How will milquetoast Romney respond to Obama’s derisions on him?    “I don’t want to be called racist.”

    Edwards is working on his hair to impress and distract the jury.

    Holder is a racist criminal enabler of other racists.

    CNN’s Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, writes his opinion piece without knowing what the Florida law says, or he knows and is lying?.


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