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  1. aelfheld

    You can always count on the civility of the left/liberal/progressives.

  2. The Machine

    Actually this is working out rather well for those of us who believe in truth. 

    With each and every one of these vile attacks, more and more of those “independent” voters whom everyone puts such stock in are very likely to become more and more dissatisfied with the left. 



  3. Trishmac

    Hey Igor- me too!  I cannot believe the things a liberal will say to put down a conservative woman, and not only not have to pay for it but manage to find like minded disgusting pigs to agree with them! !

    I was a stay at home Mom of four kids, and I worked my a$$ off! I was almost relieved when the youngest started school- so I could go to work and get some rest! Cop out is what it is- real Moms prefer to stay at home with their kids- if they can. They don’t boast about NOT staying home with their children, or use the I’ve got a career excuse. They put off their careers.  (in the case of My mom, she never resumed it but was a vibrant wonderful intelligent woman nonetheless!) And these feminazis surely shouldn’t be so bitter and envious of any who do stay at home!


  4. RockThisTown

    It seems to me that one thing that is being missed in all this discussion is what has been the outcome of Ann Romney’s choice (aren’t liberals all about choice?) to stay home and raise her children. No question she worked in doing so – changing diapers, preparing feedings/meals, doing laundry, grocery shopping, getting them ready for school, ball practices/games, homework, graduations, and more. For Rosen or anyone else to say ‘she hasn’t worked a day in her life’ is disingenuous at best and outright dishonesty at worst, with an ample dose of stupidity in between. And aren’t liberals always concerned about outcomes? Aren’t the little darlings always supposed to get a medal or ribbon so as not to damage their self-esteem, regardless of performance?

    So . . . . without further adieu, let’s take a look at the results of Ann Romney’s ‘never working a f****** day in her life’:

    Taggart Romney (1970): Managing Partner at Solamere Capital , CMO at L.A. Dodgers, Vice President of OnField Marketing at Reebok, Director of Strategic Planning at Elan Corp.; B.Sc Economics, BYU and MBA from Harvard

    Matthew Romney (1971): VP of Property Management at Excel Legacy Corp, Product Manager for Microsoft Corp.; Bachelor of Arts from BYU and MBA from Harvard

    Joshua Romney (1975): Owner of Romney Ventures (a real estate developer), Acquisition Analyst at Intercontinental Real Estate; Bachelor of Arts from BYU and MBA from Harvard.
    Among the five, Josh appears the most likely to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, having served in a number of political positions in the past several years, most notably as an advisor to his father’s presidential campaign and Utah Governor’s Gary Herbert gubernatorial campaign.
    Dr. Benjamin Romney (1978): Practices Internal Medicine in Boston; Degree in Management from BYU and a medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. The only blond among the five.

    Craig Romney (1981): Advertising Music Producer at McGarry Bowen; Bachelor Degree in Communication, Brigham Young University (BYU)

    If this is the result of Ann Romney’s being ‘spoiled’ and ‘never having worked a day in her life’, I’ll take it in a second over any alternatives liberals could offer up. Ho Hum’s horrible name-calling & bigotry is a direct and desired result of Obama’s class warfare. We should celebrate & emulate financial & family success, but liberals instead prefer misery, and spreading povery and mediocrity. Given the success of Mitt’s dad, he could have turned into a deadbeat idiot son, but instead was raised in a loving household and taught the value of sprituality & working hard, and excelled in everything he did. Likewise, Mitt & Ann’s children could have been deadbeat druggie miscreants, but it appears they, too, have excelled, after having been raised in a 2-parent, loving, spiritual household. I’m convinced that is HoHum and Rosen’s rub: they absolutely cannot stand to see people who have conservative values and a committed spirituality succeed. Is it jealousy? Is it due to a different and blind ideology? Is it anti-capitalism? You decide.

    • GoodMojo

      “… And aren’t liberals always concerned about outcomes?…”  Rock This Town

      No!  Liberals always ignore their own disastrous outcomes!

      “…If this is the result of Ann Romney’s being ‘spoiled’ and ‘never having worked a day in her life’, I’ll take it in a second over any alternatives liberals could offer up…” – Rock This Town

      100%!  On the above, and thanks for the words on the Romney children.  I did not know any of it.

      Of course, I would never have assumed that because Ann Romney chose a responsible man who was able to support their family without her financial income (Though I’m sure she worked like mad at home...), that she would thus be precluded from any knowledge of the world outside the home.

      I can’t fly the Space Shuttle, but I know when one blows up.  As a man, I have never carried or given birth to a child, but I know it’s a miracle and a gift.  Ann Romney can’t understand working women because she has never had to draw a paycheck, and chose not to try?

      Liberals is (sic) so stupid!

  5. Igor

    My wife has never “worked a day in her life”.  She raised 4 kids, each one of them successful.  Don’t try to tell me a mother doesn’t “work”, I’d like to see some of these Lib women try to raise 3-4-5-6 kids and do as good a job as she has.  A mother is one of the hardest (and highest) callings a woman could have in this life!

    Women have to work?  I could go on for hours about how much cheaper is it to stay at home rather than shuttling your kids off to day care.  Lower your expectations, try NOT to keep up with the Jonses.  Rasing kids ain’t cheap, I just was talking to a family of 8 (6 kids) whose mom has a budget of $20 per MONTH, and they get by.  They do a lot of stuff for themselves and don’t go out a lot…

    If women would stay home with the kids, there would be more jobs for men.  If men would support their offspring and stay married then their wouldn’t be a lot of single mom’s forced to work.  Gads, there’s a million reasons why our women are not treated correctly (and a bunch of it is their fault!), but it really, really does boil down to the breakdown of the family and morals.

    “No other success can  compensate for failure in the home” – David O. McKay

    Just look around and listen to the Progressives and see what an abject failure their policies are.

    • Uncle Rick

      My wife quit work when we had our first of three children. She taught them all to read — and a whole lot more besides. It wasn’t always easy, because I made some . . . er . . . ill-advised employment decisions. But the kids are great. Two of them are Navy nukes (top that, Ho Hum).

      Isn’t it interesting that conservatives rarely have the time or inclination to go off on the liberals of whom they disapprove?

      • GoodMojo

        Uncle Rick:

        I think it’s past time we Conservatives be more vociferous in reminding Leftists about the abject failure of their world view.  Let’s have some fun!

    • Mommy RN

      Count me in on this… I only entered the workforce because my ex was determined to destroy his life and ours in the process and that I would not abide.

      Even when working, everything I did was aimed at making sure I was away from my children as little as possible and accelerating the day when I could come back home for good. I also remarried a hardworking man who does his best to support his wife and 7 children (only one of which is his biologically… he accepted and does very well with the challenge of raising the other six as his own and he is the only father they claim!) I worked night shift weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) so I could be home with the children all week while my husband works.

      It has been well worth it. All I hear from my children’s teachers is how responsible, kind and high achieving they are… even the ones who struggle with some dyslexia are on or above grade level. And my oldest is in college studying to be a nurse… as is her fiance… who has flat out stated that he intends for her nursing degree to simply be a “safety net” in case something unforseeable should happen to him.

  6. Ilion

    Hmmm …. so, people, who if they even have jobs in the first place, do not work in jobs which either generate new wealth or protect existing wealth from loss, but rather merely consume/destroy wealth, are pissed at Mrs Romney because she doesn’t trudge off to an office every day to likewise merely consume/destroy wealth?

  7. Ilion

    Hmmm … so people who intend never to work a day in their lives — rather, they intend to use government guns to compell me to pay for their upkeep — are pissed at Mrs Romney because she willingly/lovingly convinced one man to willingly/lovingly pay for her upkeep?

  8. Tallyman

    “When you compare the idle rich to the idle rich-wannabe’s, you always know just who is who and which is which.”  Finian’s Rainbow paraphrased.  Pity those poor cxxts who could never find a man who thought they were worth enough to support as a stay at home wife.  Sorry, femi-commies, you ain’t got what it takes.   You ain’t Ann.


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