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MRCTV’s Alicia Powe’s questions clearly pissed off the union bosses…

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  1. GoodMojo

    Go get ’em!  We need more “Alicia“s out there (Graciously, at least at first…)asking questions leftists can’t or won’t answer.  One of my favorites:

    “Why don’t people on the political or social left support obeying rules and laws?

  2. crosshugger

    Now is it any wonder why the jackass is the symbol of the democrat party.  That sure is a panel of jackasses.  Although I have heard rumors that they were looking at a new symbol….a coffin or the angel of death for they are truly the party of death.


  3. louielouie

    this is the open thread, right?

    old news.  i can’t get over how bobby valentine sounds as though he’s still working at ESPN.  he doesn’t sound like he’s managing a team.  i can’t see how/why in the entire red sox nation, aaa, aa ball, they haven’t developed a person to promote within their own organization.  it’s as though they don’t develop players/coaches anymore.  if they’re good they are, if they aren’t … buh bye.  terry francona(sp) was a manager in the chicago white sox system when he managed michael jordan in aa ball.  and this is coming from someone who loathes ESPN and lives in flyover country.

  4. louielouie

    daayuum, that girls got balls as big as church bells.

    • n.n

      I would accept “balls” in quotes.  Clearly her courage derives from feminine strength.  The kind which rears humanity.

  5. n.n

    Nonsense.  The Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, et al, welcome legal immigrants.  If anything there is a preference for Hispanics, and Latinos in general, because their culture (including work ethic) is remarkably similar to our own.

    “Immigrants” – illegal aliens counting over 10 million and, if the past is to serve as precedent, then likely twice that number

    Worker’s rights – not being displaced by illegal aliens, rejecting out-of-sight and out-of-mind policies (e.g. “green” technology), controlling deficit spending and other inflationary policies which force Americans to buy “cheap”

    “Living” wages – compensating for inflationary policies to fulfill dreams of instant gratification (i.e. abortion, luxuries, discriminatory action), and unmerited and especially unmeasured immigration.  compensating, once again, for obstacles to domestic resource recovery and development (presumably for “green” interests).

    Health care – as not everyone will enjoy living in Hawaii, let alone a beachfront property, not everyone will enjoy equal medical services (resources are limited and providers are not slaves).  And besides, health care begins with self-moderating behavior, which a large minority and a progressive majority seem unable or unwilling to pursue.  There is also a progressive problem associated with men, and especially women, conceiving children at later times in their lives, when their bodies are deteriorating, thereby increasing the likelihood of physically and mentally impaired children, and increasing the costs of medical care for everyone.  Oh, and the progressive development of STDs, including AIDS, follow from deviant behaviors, including: anal intercourse (e.g. male homosexual behavior) and promiscuity.

    What is happening in Central and South America, which would warrant over a million people to leave their homes and migrate to America?

    That was then and this is now?  Hardly.  Democrats, for the first time in America, have instituted and enforced institutional discrimination (i.e. federal) by race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  They are the party of progressive involuntary exploitation and devaluation of human life.  Through their advancement of policies which denigrate individual dignity, they restrict our liberty.  They are the party who promises instant gratification in order to consolidate wealth, power, and elevate stature in society.  The unions have exceed their mandates and their greed is subsidized by consumers.  The public unions represent civil servants who disenfranchise the taxpayers they serve.  Democrats, once again, represent a tyranny of the minority.  It is telling that they want a Democracy, which is a tyranny of the majority.

    Medina and Saunders support discrimination against Americans, White, Black, Brown, and other.  He supports disenfranchising American citizens.  With over $1 trillion spent annually for welfare (i.e. non-contributory) programs, there is no valid reason why every citizen does not have proof of identification. Do they realize how much welfare is provided annually to both legal and illegal immigrants, especially those with children?  Surely even they understand the consequences of finite resources and displacement.

    Women’s rights?  Really?  That includes institutional discrimination of men, elective abortion of developing human life, and other regressive policies.

    These people are utterly ridiculous.  They hear the words, but neither comprehend their significance nor their implications.

    I wonder if legal immigrants will stand for this deception. Will they support their “leaders” who desire to control the wealth and power in the American republic? Will they support policies which are sponsors of progressive corruption? Presumably, it was corruption which motivated the majority to leave their homelands and immigrate to America.

  6. Tallyman

    It’s like talking to a trained parrot, the answer is not to the question.    Only the parrot has a higher IQ and nice feathers.

  7. The Machine

    And that assclown actually said that our system of government is a democracy. 

    Likely the majority of the room believes that as well. 


    • Mommy RN

      Yeah, I had a discussion about that with my future son in law last weekend. Also a big discussion about how he needs to be educated on what is going on and how he needs to be registered to vote and actually DO IT…..

      It’s my oldest daughter’s first election to vote in…. hopefully Romney picks West for VP so she can actually be excited about it!

  8. The Machine

    Ever notice that when you ask one of them a question that they respond with an answer…

    to an entirely DIFFERENT question?

  9. RockThisTown

    Great question, Alicia. Bravo for pointing out FACTS to these knuckle-headed union boss thugs who are there for only 2 reasons: to maintain their power & keep the union dues flowing. Their ‘non-answers’ reveal their true colors and intentions. If what the 2nd guy said is true – that people have fought and died for the right to vote, then why is it a problem to show an ID to do so? Shouldn’t he and others be supportive of safeguards (like showing a picture ID) so that those people who did die for the right to vote didn’t die in vain? Shouldn’t keeping fraud to a minimum be your priority? Yes, it should, but it isn’t.

    The fact is, liberals don’t care about how hard it (isn’t) to obtain a picture ID. They don’t care about a ‘living wage’. They don’t care about ‘rights’.They care only about staying in power and ensuring election victory to their liberal puppet pols and whatever it takes to do so.

    Alicia is fast becoming my new hero!

  10. Mommy RN

    My kudos to Alicia… unfortunately, the only thing the people in that room heard were the false rebuttals.

    What we need to do is send more than one brave soul at a time. There should have been another person to follow up after those disingenuous responses and hold their feet to the fire… and then another and another. Strength in numbers because, unfortunately, despite the fact that she articulated the facts clearly and concisely and, oh, ACCURATELY… she was dismissed with laughter by those who “knew better”.

  11. IT Nerd

    I like that she had the courage to step up to the microphone to ask the question, knowing she would receive talking points as a response.

    Plus she has some damn sexy eyes.

  12. ecotim

    Once again the leftist can’t think straight and the drones follow.  The want a working wage AND are against stopping illegal imigration.  One cancels the other.  But then they once again confuse the Illegal imigration with imigration, but when you have the press covering your back why not?

    Working wage, what a bag of crap.  They want people who do not want to work to get paid more than they are worth. I knew someone where I work that was on the help desk.  He felt that he was being paid only enough to answer one phone call a day.  Union memberm federal worker, was getting (do not take a drink, or cover your screen) $75k a year.  But in his mind that was not enough and he would only answer one call a day.

    Then they wonder why management outsourced the call center to a contractor.  Take a guess how much they are paying those call takers?  And they do a lot more than one call a day.

    Conservatives have more concern over people lives than these union leftist.  They want power lie to the drones and the drones follow along.

    The revolution worked, they dumbed down enough of the populace that now they can do what they want.

  13. Uncle Rick

    “. . . collective bargaining rights, voter rights, women’s rights . . .”

    These people clearly don’t understand the concept of “rights”, and that is yet more evidence, were any lacking, of the abysmal state of public education today.

    I’d like to know more about the “profiling” law that was mentioned. I read SB 1070 (and so did my 17-year-old son) two years ago.

  14. Iron Mike

    Did Alicia really expect a straight answer from those thugs?  A simple Voter ID law would put them out of business.

    Funny too, because I bet you have to show your UNION CARD to vote in the union elections – even when you’ve already been told who to vote for…


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