Bonehead Of The Day

This is for all those stupid young people who almost walk into me on sidewalks…

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  1. Igor

    Bob, I’d wear a bear suit and growl at the texting zombies as they went past me.  Of course, there’s a possibility you’d get maced, but the videos should be amusing…

  2. Manfred

    When I was a high-school kid in what was then West Germany, the way home from school crossed a rail-road track – two rails. There were metal gates, like at Six Flags, that caused one to turn left then right then left before crossing the tracks. This was in 1970 – before cell phones. Two high school girls were walking together and talking and walked into the side of a passing streetcar. One broke her nose, the other had shoulder injuries. Both were made fun of for months. We wonder where they are now.

    • Igor

      I haven’t checked lately, but there used to be a video of a commuter(?)  that was jogging with headphones on listening to their Walkman (Yes, it was THAT long ago…) and they jogged right into the path of  a passing train.  The first one went by, IIRC, and they started off jogging again only to go into the path of the train passing on  the other track.  They did not survive the experience.  Darwin in action.

  3. Lazarus Long

    When you go jogging, carry your 12 gauge.  It may look funny but think of the additional upper body workout you will get.  Especially if you jog with the shotgun at high port (see “From Here to Eternity” if you don’t get the reference).

  4. Ralph Short

    Bob, this is a classic involving the clueless.  If something catastrophic ever happens here the survival rate with this group is not going to be good.  Great video!

  5. Tallyman

    More than ten years ago, the State was running this program to take prison inmates on mountain hikes to rehabilitate them and provide nice jobs for the government rehabilitators.    We were on one of the trails up my mountain by the house and we saw two cubs up a tree and a mother bear just below right off the trail.  We then encountered two Black inmates and told them about the bears just ahead.  They both turned and ran back to “Whitey, can protect us.”   Must have been tough guys in the hood, but cowards in the woods.    When we met them further down with their two guards, we told them that was only a little female bear just over 200 lbs and if they’re lucky they’ll meet the large males of 600 to 700 pounds which live in this colder climate.  We could see the fear in their faces.

    “You have to be careful when you’re out here in the woods. There’s always a possibility that something’s gonna jump out and grab you.”


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