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You all know me: I’m all over consistency. This was careless, possibly intentional and if so, fucking sloppy.

Axelrod Gaffe: Choice Is Between Growing Economy And Continuing Down Same Road
“The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class, that gives people a chance to get ahead, gives their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we’re on,” (David) Axelrod said on “FOX News Sunday” today.

The problem is that “Romney for President Comms Shop” uploaded the edited Axelrod mid-sentence to make him sound like an idiot and Real Clear Politics ran with it. If you watch and hear the full sentence, David Axelrod delivers the expected campaign/ideological line but nothing gaffy. Unfortunately, all those who passed this along look like fools because someone did the same shit we bitch about the left doing.

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  1. Koala

    I would like to see more honesty and countering the misinformation with facts [the way Peter Schiff does]. Maybe, some feel that turn-about is fair play.

  2. Ilion

    The full length comment is just as damning.

    Indeed, it is! 

    Who (which party and/or political mindset) has spent the better part of the past century working over-time to put us on just this road and to make it nearly impossible to get off it?  The “progressives” and “liberals”, of course.

    Who (which sorts of individuals) are those “fewer and fewer, who do very well” while “everybody else is running faster and faster just to keep” in place?  Why, its those persons who are well-connected to the Democratic Party machine, of course.

  3. Tallyman

    It shows the arrogance of the clowns for Romney.  When they attacked Conservatives, the MSM wouldn’t  call them on it, so they thought they could continue with impunity.   The full length comment is just as damning.   Romney’s minions don’t get it, yet.  The people want a change from the lies of Obama, not  half-truths from Romney.   But, by editing it, they discredit conservative moderate clowns.for Romney.

  4. OMMAG

    Ya … I think the editors need to explain what they do at the time it is done. Left/Right whatever …. putting a false spin on what is said by anyone …. is BS.

    The ACT of doing it is BS. It is also cowardly and stupid.

    Is it a fact that the edited version is more true than the crap being spouted by Axelrod?

    Yes it is. So have the guts to make the intention plain.

    This would also radically change most of the product in radio, TV and print.


  5. IT Nerd

    I think the unedited version is actually more damning by including the “.. where a fewer and fewer number of people do very well and everybody else is running faster and faster just to keep -“

    People want to know that they have the opportunity to succeed and be able to someday retire at a decent age without having to live in their children’s basement.   Axelrod confirms that staying on the road we are leads to nowhere.

      • IT Nerd

        Selective editing of dialogue and calling it a “gaffe” is what we expect from NBC.   I just don’t understand why those who edited this clip didn’t feel it necessary to leave in the full comments from Axelrod.


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