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Meet the Rising Republican Star Who Would Love to Punch Hillary Clinton in the Face
Walker’s Hooters connection and other fun facts about campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews
Obviously not an unshaven, unmade-up, scraggly-haired liberal, and that’s why the left can’t stand her

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  1. Cameron

    Hang on, let me make sure I can understand this.

    Liberals love going on about how Republicans are threatened by women, hate women, want to keep them in the house, etc., etc. So here’s a woman who held a job, is obviously comfortable with herself and made choices for her life. But somehow that is wrong.

    I think that pretty clearly explains why I’m not liberal anymore. Too many contradictions to keep track of.

  2. Mauser

    So, the media is trying to destroy this young woman already.  And she’s not even a CANDIDATE for anything.

    The Left tries to portray Hooter’s Girls as one step removed from the praiseworthy “Sex workers” but I guess that one step is enough that they only support men and trannies who want to work there.

  3. GoodMojo

    The lefties have only illustrated:  1)  The lady is pretty,  2)  the lady is intelligent  3)  the lady has a mind of her own,  4)  the lady is tough!

    I don’t know if I should write her in on my presidential ballot, or propose!

  4. Tallyman

    Defined by her enemies: the hideous Hillary, the morons who still believe in global warming when it has been shown as a hoax and the scientific data disproves it, or the haters of Limbaugh.    The aptly named gawkers oppose her.   Where’s your picture, Erin?

  5. n.n

    I came across an interesting response to this controversy:

    The side with the better looking females wins.
    — Harsh Pencil

    That is literally true! Each of us, men and women alike, do what we can to present ourselves in the most positive light, especially our physical appearance, for reasons of ego and, of course, for purposes of procreation.

    What the critics don’t seem to comprehend is that there are reasonable compromises between the natural and enlightened orders. Her association with Hooters does not diminish her. She is neither a prostitute nor a porn star, and not even a slut. There’s a fine line and some people simply cannot identify it or that it is defined within a context.

    Oh, as if I had to say it, another cute girl… with a conservative mind.

    The liberals/progressives keep repeating that word, “conservative.” I don’t think it means what they think it means.

  6. Igor

    Man oh man, what a bunch of bitter whiny little pissants.  She worked at Hooters.  It’s a bar and a restaurant.  So?  She worked, which is probably more than you can say for those nudniks that wrote the articles.

    Boo-frickin’-hoo, you losers.  Get over yourselves.  Go back to your rooms in your mama’s basement.

    • TexRex


      I couldn’t agree more.  The woman worked at Hooters.  Clearly,  to the liberals in Wisconsin, that is a crime against humanity.


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