Allen West Was… Right!

His error was to say that they are members of the Communist Party, since officially they are not. They are members of an umbrella organization created and organized by those who support the Marxist goals of the Communist Party. Communists are very secretive about their true affiliation. That’s the way they operate. But in essence Allen West was right and finally revealed the truth about something that should have been a well-known fact by now.

Our error was assuming that shills like Soledad O’Brien and her ilk were really interested in the truth (and no one was whispering Wikipedia information in Soledad’s ear at the time of the interview).

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  1. GoodMojo

    Of course, Congressman West was correct.  As for his choice of words, what verbiage could he have used to convey that particular set of  facts, that would not have been met by the same liberal “hissy fit”?

    • n.n

      They can’t handle the truth!

      They need to reflect on their Progression before they drag all of us off the Left end.

  2. n.n

    Marxism exploits gradients, real and perceived.  West recognizes correctly that there is more to the dynamic than material wealth.  However, it is not a “number”, but most, if not all, Democrats who are progressive Marxists. While with Republicans it is, ostensibly, corruption in the exception.

    We are each, as cooperatives, and as individuals, competing interests for finitely accessible resources, both natural and human. The Marxists are of a class that compete through the establishment of monopolies and monopolistic enterprises. Their motivation is neither unique nor innovative. They dream of physical, material, and ego instant gratification, principally through redistributive and retributive change, but also through fraudulent and opportunistic exploitation.  Their ideology is a sponsor of fundamental corruption in the sense that while it is motivated from the “head”, it spreads from the “tail” forward, progressively consuming the “body.”

  3. Tallyman

    “Things are not what they seem, skim masquerades as cream.” ~ Gilbert and Sullivan.

    Everything is the same between the Progressive Caucus and the Communist Party of the US, except the label.

    They’re are not publicly known members, but they qualify under the Constitution of the US Communist Party in regard membership:
    “SECTION 3.
    A Party member shall study and accept the Party Constitution and the Party Program as determined by the Convention, belong to a Party club where possible, be willing to carry out its decisions and pay dues. Membership in the Communist Party is a voluntary act of the individual.”

    They all accept the entire Party program of fundamental Progressive change
    “The Communist Party is unalterably opposed to all manifestations of racism, national oppression, U.S. national chauvinism, male supremacy, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, which are used by the enemies of progress to divide the working class and people’s forces. The principles of democracy, equality, justice, and class self-interest require a joint fight against all expressions of racism and gender oppression. We fight for full equality for all who suffer from racial, national, and gender oppression as an essential aspect of the unity that is basic to all social progress.

    Issues of war and peace, wealth and poverty, ecology and pollution, racial and national division, gender discrimination, and international conflict are all connected to class struggle, and have common features on which to build unity among peoples, organizations, and coalitions. The working class as the necessary leading force along with the other core forces—all racially and nationally oppressed groups, women, and youth—can build a movement that also includes the many streams of our working people—such as family farmers, small business owners, and the self-employed—who united together have the power to make fundamental progressive change.”

  4. Igor

    Soledad is a typical vapid common-tater that couldn’t even begin to know how to do research, so of course she wanted Allen to provide and/or name names of who would be on the list.

    Apparently she is clueless about “guilt by Association”.  Pun intended.

    Useful Idiot.  But you knew that.


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