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First photos of Colombia escort in explosive Secret Service hooker scandal
Always negotiate the price AFTER, not before.
(Not that I would have any experience to back that advice up with…)

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  1. GoodMojo

    People ruin careers and lives over the damnedest things.  Often, over women who are not nearly so hot, nor so …professional…

    It does occur to me though, that Obama likely could have never become a Secret Service agent, because of his record as a radical(And that’s just the history we know of…). 

    Now, Secret Service agents are being fired for indiscriminate behavior, while the Commander-In-Chief runs for reelection on his “National Destruction Platform”.   Who among them is the bigger offender?

  2. Igor

    No, Bob, I am absolutely positive you are a virgin on the subject (cough).

    Now the SS is saying there was a “language problem”.  Suuuuure…  I’m thinking large quantities of alcohol consumption was involved.  But what do *I* know, I’ve always been a teetotaler.  Even before I became a Mormon.  However, being in Uncle Sam’s Flying Air Circus, and later in Diego Garcia, I had enough examples to draw a firm conclusion!

    • GoodMojo

      Huh-huh, huh-huh, huh-huh…he said, “firm”  Huh-huh… 😉

  3. Tallyman

    Her pimp wimped out and she had to personally collect.   They wanted high class and she was a class above their pay grade.    She’s collecting a large bonus now.     The moral climate and the take-whatever-you-want attitude seeped from the top on down.    If two supervisors were involved, then many others in the SS knew that this was tolerated and condoned..  The rot is endemic.   Power corrupts.


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