Earth Day 2009 Flashback

Stupidity is now tradition

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  1. n.n

    At best, there are climate shifts, which are a normal property of the system’s dynamics.  Our ability to distinguish between “weather” and “climate” is limited.  We do not necessarily know the period of the latter, especially in highly active areas where mixing is most prominent.  The system can be reasonably characterized with five sets of influences: subterranean, terrestrial, atmospheric, extraterrestrial, and, to a lesser extent, artificial.  None of which have been completely or even sufficiently characterized.  While the influence of human activity is observable as transient, local deviations, there is only limited and circumstantial evidence to support reaching the same conclusion on regional and larger scales.  It is advisable to pursue risk mitigation of limited and predictable extremes, especially colder temperatures, which pose an independent and potentially enduring threat to both natural and artificial systems.  It is folly to prematurely terminate the scientific process in order to comply with political or ideological preference.

    That said, I am a proponent of good and reasonable stewardship of our environment.

    • Igor

      Somebody pointed out many years ago that it was the height of stupidity to foul your own nest.  We are more aware, which is good – we are moving toward not fouling our nest and have made great progress.  However, the embolded Envirowackos seem to have gone over the edge of reason to blind faith in ever-decreasing results from their ever-increasing ideology.  Just like the ecology must be balanced as best as possible and as best we understand it, so must the efforts to do so be balanced.  Life is a series of choices, and the consequences thereof.  We live and learn.  Those who don’t learn don’t live or survive.  Evolution, just not the way the wackos understand.

      I and others have been suggesting for years that the Environmentalists turn their misguided energy to the REAL polluters/wasters in China, India, Russia – THAT would be more beneficial to their cause.  Let’s just see how far they get…………….  if they survive the encounter!

      • n.n

        Life is an exercise in risk management.  However, submission is not a virtue.  Neither to nature nor any other entity including humans.  We were granted or endowed with consciousness and we should not betray the dignity it imparts.

  2. Tallyman

    This morning, I awoke and there was 2″ of new snow on the ground and it is still lightly snowing.    Global warming is the new modern religion to replace the old religion of their grandparents.     Their new god is Gaia; the new prophet is Gore; and the new messiah is Barack.     Those who doubt lack faith.   Bob effectively labels the faithful dolts as objects of ridicule..

    The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.  ~Bertrand Russel

    • Igor

      Let me point out that the intelligent know when to be doubtful, Tallyman.  And, you can be intelligent and yet faithful as well.

      “Question with boldness.”


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