The B&R Monday Skim

Why do I not find this surprising?

WashPost Disguises ‘About 40 People’ Hung Out at DC’s Earth Day Rally!
As I suspected
Texas prom queen who collected $17G arrested in fake cancer scam
Now, it really is all about her
Obama takes passive stance on stronger election laws
An honest vote is obviously against his interests
Have Our News Organizations Gone Crazy?
We only asking this now?
How John Edwards Could Get Cornered By the Prosecution in His Campaign Finance Trial
If a tabloid can corner him, a skilled prosecutor should be able to put him away
Romney has genuine chance to beat Obama
They’re finally coming around
George Zimmerman released from Florida jail on $150k bond in Trayvon Martin shooting case
It may have been safer in custody
Obama is the World’s Worst Investor
It’s easy when you play with other people’s money
Why Christie’s judicial appointments could derail his veep ambitions
Portman could be Romney VP pick
Keeping it real safe
CBO estimates Obama’s 2013 budget plan would hit economic growth
GSA waste goes much deeper than the Las Vegas junket
Really? Thanks for the heads up
1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed
In many cases their choice of worthless Liberal Arts majors probably don’t help
Warning sign? GSA deputy pleaded guilty to embezzlement months before Vegas bash
Pley Money Fired Secret Service agent remains eligible for up to $2.1 million in taxpayer-funded pension payout
Lawmakers complain of Secret Service gender gap after scandal
Axelrod: Scandals not ’emblematic’ of Obama
Purely coincidence
AP: Obama’s Chances Improve in Ohio and Mich. Because of Him; No Mention of States’ GOP Governors
It’s not what they say but what they won’t
Aviva presses wrong button, fires 1,300 by email
100,000 women undergo brutal genital mutilation illegally in Britain (and some of the victims are as young as Ten)
Immigrants need be required to leave some of their bad “cultural” habits behind
Why the cardboard in your loo roll is being slashed: Sainsbury’s trims size in bid to reduce environmental impact
Shit happens
Trial to begin in Maryland neighborhood watch beating case
White-on-black crime is all the media will cover
Jay Leno on Meet The Press: ‘Republicans Really Laugh At Themselves More’ Than Democrats
No choice. Comics ridicule us more
House Dem proposes federal grants to stop racial profiling
Maybe she should ask blacks to stop committing crime first? THEN profiling would be unnecessary
Pressure mounts to fire Secret Service agents in hooker scandal
When are the hookers going to be fired for soliciting cops?
Is the tea party still relevant?
The Washington Post wishes they weren’t
Science: GOP voters better informed, open-minded
So much for all the recent conservatives-are-dumb reports
Los Angeles insolvency predictable and preventable
Sure, if you can get California Democrats to stop spending
There goes the Sun…
Arctic Ocean could be source of greenhouse gas: study
After all these years of indoctrination, warming wasn’t man made?
Romney campaign trying to win over Hispanic voters
Border hawks warn Mitt Romney not to soften immigration stance for the general
Romney’s reputation precedes him
Residents of State Street Condo Told To Leave Chicago During NATO Summit
The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!
‘Carter’ sinks Disney exec
Until Hollywood finally “gets it”, expect more losses

10 Responses

  1. Iron Mike

    She worked SO HARD at being a lawyer she got her law license pulled!

    Somehow – OBummer go HIS pulled too!  What a pair!

  2. Slydog

    See that look on her face ?? Is she suppose to be digging or getting ready to chop on someones head ?? Looks EVIL to me !!

  3. Grunt

    Speaking of “never working a day in her life”…how hard again is Michelle Obama’s job?

    Seems to me that since her venereal wart of a Husband propped his feet on a piece of White House furniture, all she has done is go out to eat (ALOT!) and jet set all over the world ot throw lavish parties on the Taxpayer’s dime.

    What jobs, again, has Michelle Obummer held? And again, while I know college can be a challenge, I somehow get the vibe that this woman never stocked groceries a day in her life–so what “hard working jobs” has she had, and can she do anything without the help of “friends in high places”?


    I’d lay money on the belief that Michelle Obama’s parents know more about hard work than she does…after all, theyhad to live with her for much of her life and keep a straight face about it. What a harridan.


    By the way…pictures like this one do little to offset that whole “angry black woman” look…just sayin’. Shovel must be for following the Hubby—the only real shovel-ready job to date.

  4. Palmetto

    Why the cardboard in your loo roll is being slashed: Sainsbury’s trims size in bid to reduce environmental impact

    Just like they did with facial tissues a few years back.  But they reduced the size of the tissues first, assuming we wouldn’t notice that they slid around in the box.  It took about two years for the box to be sized down.  Now it takes two tissues to do the job of one.  I can’t imagine that downsizing a roll of toilet tissue will be any different.  You take what you need to get the job done.

    • Igor

      “The job’s not finished until the paperwork’s done”.

      It takes more and more “paperwork” nowadays, one square just doesn’t do it!  🙂

      • RoseRRR

        As with my crappy low-flow toilet, one flush just doesn’t do it, either! 😉

      • RoseRRR


        Interesting, though, when you check their product line, the tanks for their “crappers”, though replicas of the originals, carry this disclaimer:

        “The cistern conforms to current British Water Regulations in that it delivers just over one gallon. ”  (US federal regualtions are 1.6 gallons)

        So it’s still a crappy crapper!


  5. Tallyman

    Michelle should have known that only one mastermind is allowed in the White House.

    If John Edwards gets his hair right each day, everything will turn out well.

    The messiah has taken the jobs away from half of the graduates to enable them to join his ranks of leeches.

    The House Democrats must stop racially profiling Blacks as only capable of being pitiful wards of the State.

    The culture of corruptions moved into the White House along with Axelrod.

    Where is the one button to push to fire all Washington bureaucrats?.

    There was no gender gap in the GSA corruption.  Women were shown as equally or greater venal and corrupt.



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