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Did you know ‘disco sucks’ meant you were homophobic and/or racist?

Touré wasn’t even 10 when disco was the hot thing, so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sure, the Village People later became gay mascots, but at the time anyone with rhythm danced to disco, the chicks at the club were hot, and rhythm-challenged rockers went ballistic. It was a lot of things but certainly not homophobia or racism. Negro, puhleez.

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  1. BRFan

    I liked Disco. I liked rock more. Liberals see everything through the prism of racism, homophobia, sexism and anything else that promotes their aganda. This fool should be embarrassed at himself. Had I been there I would have laughed at him. It’s not possible to him that the majority of people who didn’t like the music was because of the music and nothing else.

    • n.n

      Not a fan of classical?  That is significant.

      I never thought disco would serve as a litmus test for anything other than niche entertainment.

  2. FastHotRod

    The Bee Gees were white.

    The Bee Gees sang/performed disco music.

    I fail to see how this is a racial issue… but then again, I don’t really have a racial agenda either.


  3. GoodMojo

    Who in the fuck is Toure’?  What expertise does he have on anything?

  4. n.n

    Look at the pretty rainbow!  Don’t mind the leprechauns.

    We can be thankful that they are a minority in this world.

    ” What Is The Psychological Origin Of The Narrow View Of The IPCC? – Socio-Psychological Aspect Of The Climate Change.”
    As a matter of fact, “simplification” is one of key features of the Western mentality according to recent studies of social psychology [2].


    The Eastern mentality which tends to view complex objects as they are may be suitable to deal with complicated issues such as environmental problems.


    More leprechauns or is it psychologists? Either way, they are morons, and they are no longer a minor annoyance. The proper distinction is not “West” and “East”, but by the degree individuals defer their dignity to alphas or mortal gods. The “mortal” qualifier is necessary, because this abdication occurs while they are living. It occurs because people elect to run amuck, or in vulnerability acquiesce, or, in Toure’s case, dream of retributive change.

    This nonsense is representative of how conflicts are processed without overt and explicit violence. Actually, it seems to consist of little more than psychological manipulation, and specifically demoralization.

  5. PB-in-AL

    Who is this kid?! … and anyone cares what he thinks about the demise of disco because??

    The demise of disco couldn’t possibly have anything to do with everyone being worn out from the hedonistic excesses and cocaine fueled all-nighters, or the sudden rise of the spectre of AIDS… naw none of that had anything to do with it.

    So Judge Reinhold was being racist and homophobic in the movie Stripes by wearing the “Death before disco” sweatshirt?! Who knew.

  6. Iron Mike

    WoW!  What friggin planet did this jerk arrive from?

    The only thing that I remember us cranky old white guys objecting to was the polyester leisure suits – like the one Travolta wore in Saturday Nite Fever . . .

    Homophobic and racist?  No way!  Only in his 2012 Obamaphile pipe dreams.

    I bet his parents danced to disco!

  7. Richmedia

    Shock jock Steve Dahl has long claimed that Stern learned everything from him while in Detroit. I used to listen to Steve and Garry for years at WLUP and later WLS in Chicago.

    Dahl became a national figure after the “Disco Demolition” night at a White Sox double-header. Race and bigotry had nothing to do with it. A format change to disco at their previous station did.

    While disco would have inevitably faded away, this event no doubt hastened it’s demise as folks realized that there others who thought that disco sucks.

  8. ecotim

    When you have an agenda everything evolves around it.  No matter what the truth is you want to push your agenda. Anti-disco is now anti-gay, anti-fill in the blank is anti-gay.

    Real simple when the MSM supports the issue.  Make the news instead of report the news.

  9. Igor

    Useful Idiot Race Baiter.  I too was there, and while I am a White Boy and ain’t got no moves, I got rhythm, I got music, who could ask for anything more?!

    And Disco still sucks.  And Rap music has devolved into CRap music.  You don’t like that, Toure, go take a long walk off a short pier.  Preferably the one in Diego Garcia.

  10. RightSide

    F’in’ idiot! There was no white backlash! I lived through it.  These race baiters will use absolutely anything to fertilize the notion everything is white racism or homophobia. The only racist, hetrophobe I see is on screen. Look in the mirror, dick head. Why do they put these people on the tube and then fail to challenge their absurdities?


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