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When are liberals going to learn that last-minute surprises days before an election never work when they’re bullshit to begin with?
Integrity: The Child Scott Walker Left Behind
Not so fast….

The story that Scott Walker abandoned his pregnant girlfriend in college apparently failed the first test of verification by a professional reporter. Daniel Bice, the “Watchdog” columnist of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online interviewed the anonymous woman who had the baby, but she adamantly denied that Scott Walker was the father according to a comment by Daniel Bice to the linked story.

The left hyped the recall, are desperate to save face, and know they’re about to become a national laughingstock. Couldn’t have happened to nicer people.

h/t Gateway Pundit

5 Responses

  1. GoodMojo

    Moist, acrid bullshit from a Leftist rag.  Are they capable of anything else?

  2. Tallyman

    Everything you say is a lie.  Everything you believe is a lie. Everything you do is a lie.  Luckily as a Progressive, you have no brain and/or no conscience to cause you pain.    Vile, stupid and proud.

  3. Mommy RN

    Reading the comments on the Daily Kos site made my head spin… now that this has blown up in their faces, the left is claiming that the GOP planted this!!

  4. Koala

    This  comment really hit the nail on the head for me.

    Even if this story was true. Where’s the problem? This is an example of the moral standards liberals themselves live and support. Woman gets pregnant…woman gets abortion…man has no responsibilities whatsoever, even if the baby is born. Callous male putting his career above others? Is that the scandal Democrats attempt here? Shall we bring up Kennedy’s Chappaquidik? Clinton’s “you better put some ice on that.”? Liberals are so deranged they can’t even help portraying their own moral standards as immoral if they think it is a means to an end. Loathesome people.””

  5. n.n

    It sounds like something The Washington Post would report.  The witness, or victim, is always the last to know.


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