The B&R Sunday Skim

2008 Flashback: Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
2010 Flashback: Obama continues attack on Chamber of Commerce “for its alleged ties to foreign donors”
2012: Obama taps overseas donor pool
I think we’re all no longer surprised by his in-your-face Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do

Earth Summit Babble
Green ‘drivel’ exposed: The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria
The hoax will be harder to justify (but the UN will give it their best)
Axelrod: Obama win will ‘liberate’ Republicans to work with president
Isn’t it nice when Democrats of “good will” attempt to divide and speak for some of us?
Spokeskid Blames Bush for Fast and Furious
So lame
Supporters Slow to Grasp Health Law’s Legal Risks
The liberal academic law “echo chamber” will take a hit
Improv group parodies Obama campaign videos
Four years ago, comics were asking if they even should parody Obama
Could Ron Paul become GOP’s vice presidential nominee?
People ask me what Romney could do to blow this…
Obama backers use race as alibi for ebbing support
Ask those same backers how Obama won in the first place?
‘The Largest Set of Tax Law Changes in 20 Years’
Isn’t this kind of thing to be expected when electing Democrats?
Obama’s Muslim World Fantasy: Early Hopes Undermined by Drone War
He says one thing and does another. Muslim dupes have woken up
Quit worrying about “urban sprawl” (and start worrying about federal stewardship)
It’s amazing how much the greens worry about people and where they’ll live while the government seizes more and more usable land
MPs have no idea how to meet the ‘carbon’ target they voted for
Now they’re seeing what’s in the bill after they passed it
Obama’s legal tactics seen as possibly hurting chances to save health-care law
David Brooks: Obama’s use of executive privilege politically ‘stupid,’ ‘a winner’ for the GOP
More liberal media laments
Not your average Joe: 47% of House members are millionaires
Most were ordinary Joes when they were first elected. Something to ponder…
Memo to NBC: What the hell is wrong with you?
Forner network TV producer and Deacon Greg Kandra will never work in that town again
Michelle Obama to Attend Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games
Okay, I’ll be busy at that time
NH town seeks compensation for Obama campaign stop
Obama’s asking people to donate in lieu of giving wedding gifts. You think they have money to pay Durham, New Hampshire?
Burqa-clad Taliban were after prostitutes
The steps some will do in order to get laid
America’s ugliest buildings: Boring, hideous and ‘eye-searingly awful’ structures architects would love to see razed to the ground
I’d have more to say about those who green-lighted and funded the construction
Tropical Storm Debby forms in the Gulf
One of the few times in life to fear a Debby
Karen Klein’s tormenters apologize
If it weren’t for the recording, I sincerely doubt we’d be here
Maher on GOP’s Fast and Furious crusade: ‘Republicans don’t care about dead Mexicans’
And Holder does?
HHS pushes out cash ahead of ruling
Chicago-style protection money
Ill. Atty. Gen. and Cook County Atty. Refuse to Defend State Marriage Law
That is, until the full extent of the gay marriage backlash against Obama is known
Any attack will cause end of Israel — Iran
That’s a great starting point for negotiations. No wonder they failed
Turkey vows action for downing jet
This could clear the benches
On The Flipside: Former Obama White House Spokesman Is On The Romney Press Bus
Mugly: Meet the World’s Ugliest Dog of 2012
Smile, Mugly. We’ve seen worse
All over Europe, immigration is moving in from the political fringes
Obama’s executive order may have similar negative impact here
U. of C. prof wants to shelve Obama library idea
Racism? (Just messin’ with ya)
Russia warns against issuing ultimatums to Iran
Obama, what are you gonna do about it?

3 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    The Brits suffer the hangover from their global warming drinking binge.

    Hussein caused a Arab Spring where thorns and poison vetch flourished.

    Affirmative architecture blights the landscape.  Each is one of the best.

    Chicken Little grew up to be the fat Gore.

    Mugly was lucky; Cankles wasn’t allowed to compete.

    Obama memorabilia available cheap; think how rich you’d be if you kept that Edsel.

    The Queen of the World will be featured at the Olympic Opening.


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