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MRCTV will soon be one year old and in our short time is slowly becoming a powerhouse in the conservative movement. With that comes the appropriate accolades…

The 20 Hottest Conservative Men in The New Media For 2012
#12 Joe Schoffstall, reporter, MRCTV

Word is that MRCTV’s Dan Joseph was just nudged out of the #20 spot….

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  1. The Machine

    I just hope that the voters for this poll were limited to only wimmen.

    Just sayin’…

  2. Tallyman

    They’re just past Justin Bieber in their choices.  It’s all superficial, not performance based.

    • Steffani

      With all due respect, Tallyman, that’s why it’s called the 20 HOTTEST conservative men in the new media, not the best journalist/blogger smartest man on earth contest.

      I personally would have put Dan Joseph at the TOP of that list.  🙂

      • Igor

        Sadly, Steffani, you are corrtct – it’s a beauty contest.

        Bill Whittle has my vote, but anybody from MRC, PJTV ( well, Cruiser is in a league of his own…) and lots of others too numerous to mention should be at the top of ANY journalism list, if for no other reason than they do not let idealism blinf them.  Sure, they are biased, but we ALL are.  It’s just that Conservatives are not generally into name calling and lying to “support a Cause”.

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