Is Boehner, Along With Schumer And Gillibrand, Protecting Corzine?

Breitbart reports, “REVEALED: Corzine’s MF Global Was Client of Eric Holder’s Law Firm.” Holder and Breuer must know the federal law and the Handbook of Ethics for the Department of Justice which require, “If you are an attorney with the Department, you are expected to comply not only with the rules in this booklet, but also with relevant professional codes of conduct.

Those relevant rules include the following disciplinary rule: (a disciplinary rule is one requiring sanctions by the court through bar committees) DR 9-101 [1200.45] Avoiding Even the Appearance of Impropriety. A. … 3. A lawyer serving as a public officer or employee shall not: a. Participate in a matter in which the lawyer participated personally and substantially while in private practice or non-governmental employment, unless under applicable law no one is, or by lawful delegation may be, authorized to act in the lawyer’s stead in the matter. As reported earlier in my post, Eric Holder and Lenny Breuer, Protected by Boehner,The Wimp, Eric Holder and Lenny Breuer, head of the DOJ criminal prosecutions, both worked at the Covington law firm which is Corzine’s law firm.

The prosecuting attorney would be Preet Bharara, US Attorney for the Southern District of NY (Manhattan), who is NY Senators Schumer’s and Gillibrand’s hand picked hack as described in my prior post, Pay to Play, Buying Insurance, or a Protection Racket for Wall Street Gains a 20-Year Low in Financial Fraud Prosecutions.   Bharara, conveniently for Corzine and other Wall Street fraudsters, “seems to think he has to be able to prove intent to defraud before he can prosecute.” Bharara, the philosopher/prosecutor ponders like a jury would, whether Corzine and his MF Global lackeys were noble in protecting their families’ wealth by using their client’s money, or whether Corzine and his lackeys were common thieves.

Why are only 65 members signing the letter demanding an independent prosecutor? Is the wimp, Boehner, blocking a House resolution demanding a special prosecutor out of fear? Why hasn’t the House yet filed its federal court action to compel Holder to produce the subpoenaed documents in Fast and Furious? Has Corzine bought sufficient protection? Or, will Schumer and Gillibrand demand prosecution of Corzine? Who does Bharara think he’s fooling?

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  1. n.n

    He is either a wimp, complicit, or leveraging his knowledge to gain advantage. The first two are clearly undesirable. While the last would depend on his intentions. Perhaps he’s reaching for the sky.

    I don’t know. Does he deserve a benefit of the doubt? When should we withdraw that privilege?

    • Subliminal Watch

      Do we want a ruling class with separate laws?   Is their motive, professional courtesy, for their ruling class?  Imagine they have unknown pure motives at your peril.

  2. Igor

    You bet your last dollar these weasels are covering for each other, racism has nothing to do with it.

    Professional courtesy, don’cha know!


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