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  1. GoodMojo

    n.n., I’m not sure our collective screwing is actually “covert” these days.

    We know they are screwing us, even when we don’t easily recognize every position of “politcal coitus”.

    Politicos, particularly Leftists and ‘so called moderates’, are “overtly” screwing us and depending on the ignorance and apathy of the masses.

    For the last few decades, they have rarely been wrong.

  2. PsychoDad

    And Charlie Rangell and about half the White House staff, from what I hear lately…

  3. ecotim

    Only actors get jail time, politicians are exempt. Otherwise Marion Barry would be nearing the end of his time instead of still being on the DC Board.  LOL

  4. BHD

    hey the IRS is busy writing the new tax code for the LARGEST Tax increase on the middle class since the income tax. They will get to Auditing a 1% after they screw the middle class… OBAMA BABY Oh yeah!

    • n.n

      It has already happened.  The 10% of GDP annual deficit is an effective tax as it devalues our purchasing power.  I’m not certain of this, but Karl Denninger claims it is equivalent to a 10% tax.  So, we have already been covertly screwed.


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