Bob Is A Racist

Dan’s brilliant script

Conceived and written by Dan Joseph
Produced by Bob Parks

Bob ― Dan Joseph
Suzie ― Robyn Stiles
Racist Office Guy ― Eric Scheiner
Cory Parks ― Himself

Camera ― Katie Yoder
Editor ― Bob Parks
Location ― Special thanks to Law Resources

A Black & Right Production ©MMXII

“Bob” will return…

19 Responses

  1. waltzingmtilda

    This is beyond amazing! Shared on the FB. Keep up the great work.

  2. RightSide

    Doing my part to help it go viral — link on its way to CA, PA and MO!

  3. Dave J

    Nice, the B&W was a nice touch. Why didnt Dan write a speaking part for Cor? Yall trying to hold him down…keep him from moving out from behind the camera? ;-0

  4. wookiebush

    Was very good.  For the next installment, he should talk about how minorities can’t be racist just because they are a minority. Even though they might use a persons race against them. You know, the definition of Racism.

    I saw that over on IOtW, and saw Dan in the picture. I was wondering who was calling our Bob a racist.


  5. Tallyman

    Just like 1960’s educational film clip produced by those who love all of us.

  6. Sagettaurus

    This is great!!!!  Absolutely loved it.  I’d love to see how the media would react if Romney put something like this out there.

  7. louielouie

    in oklahoma, we have a whole different type of racism.  we don’t like his white half.

  8. IT Nerd

    My name is Nerd and I am a racist.  This PSA proves it!

  9. Igor

    Who’s the announcer voice??  Dan?

    Dang, I’m one helluva racist!!  I’m not black, Liberal, and I’m a guy.  There’s no hope for me, I guess.


  10. GoodMojo

    Hilarious!  I hope it goes viral!  Gonna’ post to FB!


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