Bonehead Of The Day

Two of MRC’s field team (left) were handing out ‘Journalists For Obama’ t-shirts near the MSNBC stage at the DNC Convention.

“This guy with a media pass was ecstatic to get one. We asked him if he would take a picture with us and hold up his media badge, he was all to happy to comply.”

Considering the shirts were a goof concept, I guess you know what kind of people are delivering the news.

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  1. Iron Mike

    Our Founders relied on the Fourth Estate – they would NEVER have imagined this massive sellout….

    The entire concept of Checks and Balances depends on a working Press,…not these fish-farm catfish!

    • The Machine

      Actually, the history of American journalism tells a different story. 
      From the founding of this nation, journalists were indeed very ideological and many newspapers were actually started to tell a partisan tale. 

      And the mudslinging was actually about the same as today…


  2. n.n

    You misspelled “JournoLists,” or would that have been too obvious?

    • Igor

      …not only that, Bob, you left out the words “in the tank” between “Journalists” and “for”.

      Was this accidental, or are the words too small to read from a distance??


  3. Sagettaurus

    OMG…..This is great!  Who ever came up with this idea is a genius!

      • OldnyFirefighter

        Bob, your humor never fails to have me laughing my ass off. You hit this one on the head!

      • Black & Right

        Thanks, but I had nothing to do with the planning of this. Just a quickie graphic fix on the tees. We do have a rather mischievous streak within our department….

  4. Tallyman

    They do not think; they emote.   The shirt matches the emote.


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