The Murderous Christian Horde Must Be Stopped

In watching the unfolding misunderstanding in the Middle East, I now fully understand the wise words initially issued that in part read,

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.

My question is why won’t Christians in the United States show the restraint now being displayed by believers in the Middle East?

While I am personally God-fearing, I don’t belong to an organized religion in the United States that can range in size from the mom-and-pop to the small corporation. What does bother me are the thin skins of Christians worldwide who take to the streets in murderous hordes whenever anyone expressing free speech makes any kind of statement or gesture that offends their religious feelings.

We should all be inspired by the restraint shown by those in other religions whose tenants are under constant attack and ridicule and respond with kindness and prayer.

We should also condemn the acts of Christians, especially in the United States for their stiffening attempts to create a theocracy, where all are forced to become Christian and any attempt to flee that theocracy can be met with imprisonment or even violent death.

How dare we, for example, treat our women as second-class citizens under the name of Christianity. When are we, as a so-called civilized nation, going to end of oppression in the name of the Bible? In many countries around the world, women are free to pursue happiness in any way they choose, unlike here as we’re constantly reminded by our more enlightened progressives, where we continue a “war on women”.

Imagine a world where American women are no longer forced to submit to Christian men and wear clothing that hides their femininity from everyone except the one who accepted her. Imagine a time when young Christian women are not forcibly mutilated to deny them sexual pleasure. Imagine a country where women are not beaten and raped within what is supposed to be the safety of their own home, and the violence goes unpunished because such is sanctioned by a few verses in the good book.

And the worldwide slaughter by Christians of those who choose a gender lifestyle that doesn’t conform to 7th century thinking is a holocaust gone under-reported. Not because the media won’t tell the story. It’s because journalists are justifiable fearful for their own safety should they pull back the veil and reveal the travesties.

We’ve seen multitudes of crazed Christians take to the streets every time any publication of an article, or even a simple cartoon, dare mock their “Savior”. Civilized people respect the free expression of others and don’t believe it a duty to kill the offenders.

There are obviously moderate Christians in the world, but they are clearly outnumbered by the radicals who seem to use the smallest excuse to take to the streets in a homicidal frenzy.

When are the brilliant satirists and artists of our time going to be able to come out of hiding because they expressed a sentiment deemed offensive to Christians and now fear for their lives?

We’ve also witnessed hundreds of thousands of rage-filled Christians worldwide taking to the streets because a Bible was burned or a crucifix was placed in a jar of urine or covered with ants, dozens of people are injured and/or killed and property destroyed. We wonder why their “feelings” are so sensitive that any opposition to their belief system must be met with deadly retribution?

Christians around the world must learn from the examples set by more moderate religions; those that allow their own to explore other religions and beliefs without fear of violent reprisal.

Christians must not take to the streets whenever dissent is offered and hits put out on anyone who speaks out against their religion. Christians must also end their ongoing quest to make any speech against the Bible and/or beliefs a crime under international law. The pursuit of criminalizing speech offensive to Christians should be a wake-up call to good people around the world and should be a window into the mindset of such a backward sect.

Christians, stop the violence.

Stop the madness.

Your actions are indefensible.

People around the world should be free to worship whatever they wish, if they wish to worship at all. Just because Christian feelings are hurt, that doesn’t give them a license to kill. The many signs we see them holding in pictures saying things like, “Christianity will dominate the world” and “Slay…” or “Behead those who insult the Bible” are a window into the hearts of the psychotic and how we continue to live with them in peace is the question of our time.

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  1. thinker

    The great part about this article is how true it is. Christian men sleep with everyone for a few years, then after treating girls like dogs (been to a fraternity party? Atheist men don’t behave like that) they offer their mutilated genitalia to their wives, until someone prettier comes along.

    Only Christians can claim they are pro-life because they are against abortion while cheering the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in our wars.

    Only Christians can mutilate their boys and ruin the ability of their men to please their wives while condemning Muslims for doing the same to their girls.

    Then they make sure no one they discriminate against can legally marry, because it might ruin the “sanctity” of marriage.

  2. Tabcola

    @louielouie… It is hard to read.. .but it is called Satire and it is VERY well written! Thanks Bob! Love your Satire and HATE how true it is when you replace the word Christianity  with the word Islam. ((HUGS)) Bob and hope you had a great birthday! Your Pats won! I watched in your honor!

    • Uncle Rick


      To me, the most interesting thing about the accounts of Mohammed’s actions that are provided on that web site are from Muslims who were Mohammed’s contemporaries. They do not record them as horrors (which they are), but as examples of how clever Mohammed was, taking pride in his scheming.

      It is worth noting that 7th-century Arabs were a brutal, bloodthirsty, murderous people. Christianity, which puts a premium on mercy and forgiveness, had not made much headway among them. Islam was much more acceptable to them as it does not obligate the faithful to forgive or have mercy. Allah forgives and is merciful at whim, but places no such duty on Muslims. The Quran explicitly condones blood-for-blood revenge, so the Arabs didn’t have to give up feuding to be acceptable to their god.

      • Tallyman

        “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”  ~ Sun Tzu

      • Igor

        Which is why Islam is the religion of Satan.  You are known by your actions, not your words…  It is most assuredly NOT the religion of the God that *I* worship, for sure.  HE does not tell me to kill my enemies, but do good to them.

        Read the Koran, all of you who do not believe me.  Really read it.  Take notes. Analyze what is being said.  You’ll be amazed at the hate therein, couched in flowery language, but hate against all non-Islamic people and especially against Jews.  Mohammedans who kill for Allah are only following the Koran, y’know.

      • The Machine






        And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. 

      • louielouie

        Really read it.
        i only got 2/3 the way through. couldn’t go any further. had enough.

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