Stacey Dash: The Latest Black To Be Lib-Lynched

Again, there is only one group that is not allowed freedom of association, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Hollywood actress Stacey Dash has joined the club.

Thomas Sowell has said it, as have Larry Elder, Walter E. Williams, Star Parker, Daneen Borelli, Angela McGlowan, Lloyd Marcus, Alonzo Rachel, Bob Parks, and scores of others: If you’re black and dare leave the Democrat plantation and join the supposedly racist Republicans, prepare to have every disgusting racist epithet thrown at you like stones at a Muslim woman accused of adultery.

Now, the same “tolerant” left is pillorying no-longer-Clueless black actress Stacey Dash because she announced her support for Mitt Romney.

Now that Ms. Dash has seen the light, let’s see what she does with it.

h/t @EricTheRedVM

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  1. bellefleur

    ‘Again, there is only one group that is not allowed freedom of association, …”

    Not just freedom of association. How about freedom of thought?

    White folks can hold all kinds of political views. But if you’re not white, particularly if you’re black (or even carmel-colored with green eyes!), your thoughts have already been thought out for you — because you can’t be expected to do it for yourself, just like you can’t be expected to go get an ID before voting day.

  2. GOPagan

    The firestorm of condemnation that descended upon her is absolutely unbelievable. If anyone dares to stray from the (please forgive the term) plantation of “if you’re black, you must support Obama”, they get not only castigated, but absolutely destroyed professionally. It’s absolutely shameful.

  3. Igor

    Welcome, Stacey.  Welcome, Greg.  You are now among FRIENDS that don’t give a rat’s ass about skin color, but the character of yourself.

    Non Carborundum Basturdus

  4. n.n

    One in a million, literally. Welcome to the silent majority.

  5. Tallyman

    Another apostate to the worship of the Democrat gods and their dispersed promised lands in the hoods.    So many of  the suckas are unable to understand the message of their Saint, MLK, to judge a man not by the color of his skin.    May her tormentors become ridiculed as fools who had clung to a false messiah.


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