B&R PSA Of The Day

Thousands call Planned Parenthood for mammograms after Obama’s claim
The longer the left continues their mammogram lie, the dumber it will appear they believe women are…

  • The Machine

    The “unskewed” polls tell a very different story about women voters than what MSM is pushing. 

    So don’t interrupt them.

  • GoodMojo

    Conservative women.  Far more than the sum of their “lady parts”.  Praise the Lord!

    • n.n

      It would be a worthless life if that’s all that women were. It would be a worthless life if that’s all that men were. Only fanatics fail to moderate their perspective of life.

    • IT Nerd

      I loved Michelle Malkin’s quote,  “Vote with your lady SMARTS, not your lady PARTS!”

      • n.n

        Absolutely. There is no evidence that consciousness arises or is expressed through our reproductive organs or complementary features.

      • GoodMojo

        That’s a favorite of mine too, IT!

  • Tallyman

    Barack is a liar and a lie.  He and his Democrat stooges believe women can only emote and are immune from facts and non emotional thoughts. He is right for a significant number, who wish to prove their inability to think or learn.    Women, sell your soul and your vote for $7 dollars a month contraceptives and false promises of free mammograms from Planned Parenthood..

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