Is Eva Longoria’s ‘Apology’ Sincere?

As usual, when certain public persons “apologize” for a transgression, the question always arises whether the apology is sincere or an attempt at face and/or career saving, damage control.

Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria is feeling the fire from the right for sharing a “retweet” from one of her followers that called women stupid for casting a vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Longoria attempted to back peddle, initially deleting the tweet. She then tweeted that somehow mysterious retweets appeared in her feed. She later owned up with little explanation for the retweet, “(s)orry if people were offended by retweet.”

Are you buying her apology?

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  1. ex-pat Michael

    This is what I learned some time ago about apologies.  There are true and contrite apologies for one’s actions, words, behavior and such which typically come out like “I am sorry I did/said/acted  _________ .”  Those are easy to believe, but this is what one referred to me as a “backhanded apology” which seems somewhat genuine on the surface but it really blames the offended for being offended like in this apology which comes off more like “I’m sorry  you were offended.”  Like Chris said above, this will count as an apology like the President’s statements in the Rose Garden count for him actually calling the Benghazi attack an “act of terror”.

  2. tv2112

    LOL.! I don’t think I have ever seen a B&R poll 100%  like this. Classic!

  3. The Machine

    I couldn’t find the, “HELL NO!” selection in this poll…

  4. Tallyman

    For an apology to be authentic you have to have decency, morals and a brain to make the proper choice.  Eva has none of those.  Her apology was a reaction to a command from her publicist/pimp to not limit her appeal.  She needed more attention.   She had tried to use her brain, but it could only process hormonal, or emotional inputs or direct commands.

  5. Chris

    An apology is not about the offended but the person making the wrong decision.

    Eva’s “apology” is limited to those that might have been offended but she doesn’t get the part about contrition.  Therefore, she will continue her poor public behavior but in the future will attempt to limit it to an audience that will be amused by bad actors.

  6. GoodMojo

    Liberal/Leftist/Democrat “al-taqiyya”.  The end.

  7. Koala

    Are women that stupid to believe that it is their “right” to have” free” health care for life? IT ISN”T FREE! Are women so naive they cannot see they will get the opposite of what they want? Buy into that scheme and your female parts will belong to the state! If a woman refuses to take the required pharmaceuticals, vaccines, tests and procedures to “prevent” all the “dangerous” things that ONLY happen to women she will be denied the care she ACTUALLY needs.  Can anyone else see that?  Multiple expletives!


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