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April 2012: Liberal Women Go On a Sex Strike?
How did I miss this? Liberal women threatened not to put out while conservative women save themselves for marriage…. How did men survive?

Sorry. Forget I asked.

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  1. n.n

    So much for “friends with benefits”.  I knew there was a catch.

    And nothing was lost, but so much was gained. The principal purpose of sex is procreation, not abortion. It’s certainly not personal gratification while sponsoring the devaluation of human life. Nor is it the displacement of personal responsibility while sponsoring the normalization of involuntary exploitation. These women have a degraded sense of moral entitlement.

    Speaking of degenerate, I wonder how many of them know that the original purpose of normalizing abortion was to effect voluntary population control. Specifically the decision in “Roe vs Wade” was motivated to be a progression from the earlier eugenics movement.

    They will elect to exchange their liberty for submission with benefits; and they have no qualms to impose the same condition for everyone else. Isn’t democracy great.

    • GoodMojo

      It had been so easy to get, it’s value crashed to “0”.

      • n.n

        It’s actually worse than that.  With the progression of STDs, and abortion, their promiscuous behavior engendered a deficit.  Its true effect was obscured through a ubiquity and subsidy of treatments, and rationalization.

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