Narcissist Of The Day

While giving his response during last night’s debate on his use of drones, the president got to use his favorite word in the whole wide world. As you may have guessed, this was my stand-out moment.

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  1. gagblue

    Everyone keep in mind that the phrase ‘community organizer’ has two I’s – one in each word!

  2. Tallyman

    Free association generates a Freudian slip.   He believes the government is him.    That Tunisian set himself ablaze because he prayed for god to send a savior and Barack was the answer.

    • n.n

      He suffers from a god-complex.  The world is all to familiar with other individuals who suffered from similar self-delusions.  It is only through the actions of equally empowered competing interests that we are capable of keeping them, and this one, from running amuck.

      • Igor

        Extreme narcissim, people.  This @$$clown has it by the boatload.  One of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  3. The Machine

    I guess his second favorite word is the irritating way he insists on pronouncing Pakistan…

  4. n.n

    Me, myself, and I.

    What are Obama’s favorite word(s) in the whole wide world.

    As for the content, it proves that isolation or even withdrawal from the world stage, especially militarily, is not forthcoming. If that’s the case, then we need to share the bill for maintaining a global defense with others.


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