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I certainly won’t feel guilty or a sense of blame if we don’t reelect Barack Obama and screw those (on both sides) who’ll use clueless children to perpetuate an agenda… again.

h/t EC

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  1. RightSide

    This is almost as bad as PBS using kids to scream “PBS! The best television on television!”  in  their self-promotion ads.  Blatant brainwashing of children in the ad and in the audience. PBS should be struck off the dole.

    And the kids in this ad look like they’re right out of a concentration camp. At least the PBS kids look like they’re having a good time.

    Either way both are despicable.

  2. Igor

    This reminds me Hitler’s “Braune Hemden”, the “brown shirts”. Sturm Abteilung.  Goebbels got nothin’ on this crowd!

    Good job, ecotim.  Let see if we can convince adults to get the same epiphany…

    • RoseRRR

      This also reminded me of the scene in the movie “Caberet” where the “Hitler Youth” stands up in the biergarten and starts singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.”  That scene still chills me as does this creepy video.  Also notice how the one young boy who opens the video resembles the “Hitler Youth” in the movie.

      • GoodMojo

        That was creepy… Thanks for the link.  Of course, for linking Leftist behoviors to the Nazs, American Democrats would be “outraged”.  (Aren’t they always outraged?)  :0

  3. Tallyman

    The freshly trained slave drones of the New World Order’s Barack legion, who will be destroyed after they serve their purpose.   The injected prions metastasize into a cancer of the brain, destroying freedom and free choice that would naturally develop after puberty and causing a perpetual child-like dependence, whereby the parents’ control is superseded by the permanent new parent, aka the New Slave Drone Master, aka the World Government, and aka temporarily, Barack the Magnificent..   .

  4. IT Nerd

    Is anyone really surprised that these are the children of parents who live in Nancy Pelosi’s district?

  5. Koala

    Why do all but two of the children look so beaten down? Is someone causing the little children to stumble?

  6. bowenit

    Has it occurred to any of thees progressive Obama bots that a lot of what is in the song as being bad has been pushed through by progressive democrats in the past.

    • ecotim

      Who cares about facts when you want to push an agenda and brainwash kids???

      • bowenit

        I know, largely preaching to the choir, regarding the facts, but still how is it that they just ignore all of it, and try to white wash it.

  7. Amberson

    Nice job on the edit and research on this, Bob.

    Nice job on the waking up of those boys, ecotim.

  8. ecotim

    Disgusting, do their parents know what they were being told to sing? This week I was working with three of my boy scouts at my church. We were doing one of the citizenship requirements. All three boys said that they liked Obama, and the Romney was bad. I asked them (since we are conservative Christians) do you believe abortion is ok? They said no. Do you think it is right that a baby that survived an abortion be allowed to starve to death? They said that was awful and no. I then asked so you believe in same sex marrage? The deffinately said no. I said then why is Obama so good? One said well they both have bad things but Romney is worse.  So I asked, can you tell me what and why he is so bad? The boy could not. So basically he was told Romney was bad in school, with no backing, and he just accepted it because it came from a teacher. I asked them to try and find out why Romney is bad and if they could not to rethink their ideas.

    Then one of them said that he was supporting Obama because he was black (two of my scouts are half black). Since we were doing citizenship I said that voting for someone just because he is black is bad. I then said, have you ever heard of this qoute. “I had a dream that some day a man will be judged on his character not on the color of his skin.” They all said that is Martin Luther King’s speech. I then pointed out that if you vote for someone wholely on his skin color then you are pissing on MLK’s grave. That kind of woke these boys up.


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