‘Negro, Puhleez’ Of The Day

Again as I called it (and less-nappy Touré Neblett is the latest to confirm), if Obama loses it’s because America’s racist. Not because America’s tired of being broke.

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  1. SoCalOilMan

    Toure comments how the parties have switched sides since the Civil War, but he’s wrong. The Dems still believe the blacks cannot take care of themselves and need someone to keep them from going astray.

  2. louielouie

    when i started writing this, it was because this particular posting made me once again think/ask, why didn’t the republicans dust off that old monikor ABB?
    you remember. in 2004. anybody but bush.
    anybody but barack.
    now as i write this i can think of two reasons.
    #1 they’re republicans.
    #2 that would give us biden
    oh wait. ABB works for that as well.
    #2, rev. that would give us clinton.
    never mind.

  3. The Machine

    I think this needs a clinical designator.

    How about, “Toure Syndrome”?

    • Igor

      Ouch!    (NICE!!)

      Notice how blue the Left Coast is?  Between LA, SAN Fran, Portland, and Seattle, we “right thinkers” don’t stand much of a chance.  we’ll keep trying though.  Gonna be interesting to see a county-by-county summation of red vs blue after the election (and shouting) are over…

      Just as an aside, how can S.E. listen to these twits without gagging every minute or so?  She’s got a high pain/B.S. threshold for sure!

    • GoodMojo

      I LOVE it!  That’s a great way to frame a would-be “Jackson/Sharpton”!


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