Will The World Really Stop If Liberal Women Don’t Put Out?

So much for supporting the right to choose

Trust me. If every non-Romney voter in America promises to never again hook up with, have a casual sexual relationship with or even go to first with a Mitt supporter, our swing states will go blue in a heartbeat. No one wants to give up that liberal nookie.

Personally, I just don’t know where to go with this….

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  1. Clint

    The first comment I see at HuffPo for this column observes that we uptight Republicans failed to see that this was in the “COMEDY” section. I guess I’m as dumb as they think I am, because I sure can’t find anything that indicates it’s humor. It’s in a section entitiled “Gay Voices” and it’s some gay guy exposing his silly fantasies and stereotypes about Republicans. Needless to say, I only scanned it, but if he thinks Republican women never heard of the Kama Sutra, all I can say is maybe they didn’t need to study a textbook first. I suspect the column is just more liberal hate disguised as an attempt at humor.

  2. tv2112

    Lol. My ex-wife cured me of American women. I found a wonderful traditional asian gal now that is smart, funny, and beyond beautiful. She taught herself English (not perfect but AMAZING considering). She doesn’t care about half the garbage typical american girls care about. In fact she doesnt have piercings (not even ears) or tatoos because that would defile her body. Honoring family comes first. I think the biggest thing that sold me is she saw a picture of me in a knit cap and jacket with snow in the background. She told me she would learn to knit so she could make me a scarf because my neck looked cold. She LEARNED a skill because in a picture I looked cold. American women wonder why nice guys go elsewhere. Being a lapdog to this woman would be a better life than dealing with the entitlement “Jersey Shore”  generation of women in the states. I have passed along the sites I used to many of my guy friends already. Funny thing is when I tell my female friends and co-workers about her they say she is making American women look bad. Nope…they do a fine job themselves.


    • Mommy RN

      Not ALL American women. Unfortunately, the really loud-mouthed ones who look down on those of us who actually like being wives and mothers and who give our husbands the love and honor they deserve. (This wife is a tidge stressed tonight as I am typing this from my husband’s hospital room, he was admitted for chest pain.)

      • tv2112

        Mommy RN,

          Lol. You are already taken! So your hubby is a lucky man. I figured any gal on this site has good values and are already commited 🙂 I hope your husband is ok and I will say a prayer for his healing 🙂

  3. Tallyman

    Please do it.  That way conservative men will be spared wasting time with stupid manipulating whores whose price is their soul.   With demand down, those woman in need of satisfaction/validation will be lower priced or even freely available for the trolls in their mother’s basement.

  4. Mauser

    Remember that so many Liberal “Women’s Issues” are all about providing improved access to liberal women’s “nookie” with no strings and no consequences.  “Enabling Hedonism” as I’ve called it.  The chicks on the left are being pimped out as whores for their party, and they think they’re empowering themselves.

  5. Koala

    Nico Lang, I was going to say may you be blessed with many daughters but I just know you are gay. Yep, i was right, you’re a member of one of the true hate groups.

  6. Uncle Rick

    Uhhhm . . . “nookie” is not the word I would have used.

    Just sayin’.

  7. n.n

    Perhaps in the short-term, as “friends with benefits” will be found in short supply; however, in the long-term, as relationships are more likely to be perceived as investments, the value of human life will increase, and the viability of society will also increase. The women, and men, who succumb to behaviors which constitute evolutionary dysfunction will voluntarily commit generational suicide, and, as they fail to indoctrinate other couples’ children, will lose their grip on power, and experience the consequences of dreams of instant gratification (especially ego).

  8. GoodMojo

    All this anger because Romney/Ryan doesn’t court the “skank vote”!

  9. Ilion

    Will The World Really Stop If Liberal Women Don’t Put Out?

    No.  Nor will it end if not-consciously-liberal women don’t put out.

    On the other hand, the world will change dramatically if/when men, in general, stop being pussy whipped.

  10. IT Nerd

    last time I checked Conservative women were far more attractive than Liberal women so no harm no foul!

    • PB-in-AL

      Good fix, aelfheld.

      Seems to me if “liberal” women stopped giving out so liberally, that would solve a number of our social issues…. Go for it ladies!

      • RockThisTown

        Yeah, Roe v. Wade could be undone & no one would even notice!

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