How Is The Hurricane Sandy Response Really Going?

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina there were countless, breathless reports from the media of things that, quite simply, did not happen. Murders, rapes, cannibalism, you name it, someone reported it was happening in the Super Dome. It was too good to check and the blame for each was laid at the feet of President George W. Bush. Well, now a few days have passed, President Obama is out campaigning with Hollywood celebrities, while people are suffering. And we have no breathless reports demanding he return to the White House and do something.

How do you think the government response is really going?

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  1. Igor

    The Mormon Church teaches you to be self-reliant, have a 72-hour kit always ready, have 6 months (minimum!) food and water on hand (fuel too if you can), and generally teaches self-survival for you and your neighbors.  Heard from any Mormons, Bob??

    Yes, the Mormon Church (LDS Social Services) has already mobilized and has been there since Friday morning…

  2. Larry Sheldon

    “going as well as can be expected” and “unacceptable” are both correct–that was my point.

    “going as well as can be expected” because when the unions AND OTHER government agencies are calling the shots, the outcomes can not be expected to be very good.

    What is most  “unacceptable” is that the people for most part apparently made no preparations, did little or nothing to protect and help themselves and are now whining about “getting their fair share”.

    Yes there are notable exceptions, and it is heart-warming and hope-building to see them.  But as long as they are “exceptions”, it will be :unacceptable”.

  3. aelfheld

    Saying that the response is going ‘as well as can be expected’ doesn’t not mean it’s going well.

  4. Tallyman

    The only thoughts about this crisis with either Obama, Cuomo, Bloomturd or Christie is how each can get his hands on the Federal cash to distribute to their personal crony unions and crony capitalists/service providers.    Many of those affected had a prior love for big government as their protector.   Obama and Cuomo were their shepherds.    They ought not want.   They ought live in green pastures, drink clean water, be warm and have lots of gas.   Will Barack and Andrew provide?

  5. gagblue

    Janet Napolitano should be helpful in the disaster. She can lift a car.

    • Koala

      Those are people I would like to see coming if I am in a disaster. Thanks for the links.

  6. Chris

    The problems with the Sandy recovery are many but mostly are sandy and salty.

    Here in FL the smart folks build strong houses on higher ground, install shutters and other safety equipment and hunker down.

    Others and people elsewhere ignore warnings and history and believe they can rely on the government to take care of them.  These people also voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again.

    After Katrina (which was nowhere near as powerful as Camille in 1969) Craig Fugate, current FEMA director appeared on the PBS news with some other “experts” to discuss what went wrong with the recovery and what could be done in the future.  Fugate was still FL director of emergency management at the time.  He made one suggestion that stuck with me.  He suggested that there should be a national organization to coordinate relief efforts.  And then he added the words “it should be national not federal”.

    This current disaster is far worse than Katrina based upon the number of people impacted.  If any high-level officials can comprehend the extent of damage and the time and cost of a recovery they are not going to speak the truth as it could result in major public calamities.  So if the current administration has a clue, they should start repositioning forces (think of the 82nd and the 101st) in the event they are needed.

    We had two category 1 storms in our area within 3 weeks in 1994.  I evacuated because I was busy getting ready and my wife had fled across the state to a daughters place and I wasn’t stocked with food, etc.  On the return trip the day after the storm I passed a Long Island Lighting service truck headed south at about mile marker 185 on I-95.  My other daughter and I gave the crew big smiles and the thumbs up.  Never thought to ask them if they were union members.


  7. Koala

    The Boy Scouts could do a better job than FEMA. Give the task over to a more competent organization and quit wasting taxpayer money. Be Prepared.

    • Igor

      Glenn Beck did a better job than FEMA, he was ready to roll on Thursday night!  Hell, even Mittens could do a better job than FEMA…


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