The B&R Saturday Skim

Adviser: Obama enthused in his ‘loins’
Obama urges voters to take ‘revenge’ on Election Day, Romney team rips ‘terrible’ message
He got most of what he wanted and now he wants “revenge” on us?

Concerns raised over possible exploitation of mentally disabled voters
They’ve exploited blacks, the youth, women…. Who wouldn’t this president’s campaign exploit?
Why isn’t Oregon a slam dunk for President Obama?
Absentee ballot count in Virginia shows weakening enthusiasm in Obama strongholds
Thousands Overflow Romney Speech in Wisconsin
Bad signs for The One
After four days of darkness, power returns to much of lower Manhattan
Screams of Joy as Power Restored to Sandy’s Hard Hit Victims
Imagine the response time had this not been the weekend before a presidential election…?
Obama’s economy added 171,000 jobs last month, but unemployment also rose by 170,000. Big whoop
Little mention of this by our media
Help is on the way: Obama buys up 22 million gallons of fuel to help desperate drivers get back on the road after Sandy dries up supplies
Wow, I didn’t know he had that kind of money
Staten Islanders On Sandy Response: We’ve Been Left FAR Behind
Again, had this happened under Bush…?
Readers see Mitt win, split on Scott
Scott Brown up 2 in new poll
If Romney voters turn out, how does Elizabeth Warren win?
GOP Senators to White House: Stop Leaking National Security Secrets
Florida citizens’ grand jury indicts Obama and Biden
It’s kind of hard to enforce Obama’s espionage act when those leaking control the enforcement mechanism
The Factual Errors in Harvey Weinstein’s Obama-Boosting Bin Laden Movie
Like the administration’s last three-plus years, it’s all been about fantasy
Mysteries of Benghazi
Benghazi consulate that came under attack by Al Qaeda militants was being used for CIA operations
Deep-Sixing the News (to Save a President)
Why Was There No October Surprise? Because Every Freakin’ Day for the Last Four Years Has Been an October Surprise
Had this happened under a Republican administration, THIS would be the October surprise used by the media to defeat him
South Carolina: ‘The mother of all data breaches’
Again I could care less if we’re talking about government operatives or some punks living in their parents’ basement, these people should be taken out
Gang member sentenced to die in star athlete’s killing
It’s a shame we have to supporting him until then

4 Responses

  1. Ilion

    Adviser: Obama enthused in his ‘loins’

    So, “liberal” females (*) think and “argue” with thier pussies, and “liberal” males (*) think with their ‘loins’ … I’m taking that to mean ‘prostate’.

    (*) I have a hard time calling them ‘women’ or ‘men;, regardless of their ages; for the most important part of being a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ is maturity;.  And “liberals”, even more so that most Americans born after WWII, refuse to grow up.

    • Koala

      Does being enthused in one’s loins mean one is a dickhead? I hate Freshman English.

      • Igor

        Now, now – don’t make fun of the mentally challenged!

        (Point and laugh instead.)

  2. Tallyman

    Even the mentally disabled have to be tricked into voting for Barack.

    The messiah’s miracles didn’t work, but he was very generous with other people’s money..

    Romney is now the Hope for Obama’s change to ex-president.

    Maybe, Hurricane Sandy was the divine wind which prevented Barack’s planned October military surprise.   He couldn’t be launching an attack while the hurricane loomed or after it struck.


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