Democrats, You Won… Don’t Complain

Obama victory means four more years with no hope of change
The last thing I said during my closing remarks in a 2008 debate for state representative in Massachusetts was, “If you like the way things are, vote for the incumbent… and don’t complain.”

Democrats, you got what you wanted (and we can really point a finger at Obama’s media), gloat… and don’t complain.

When you continue to have problems finding a job and the government begins to run out of money to support the jobless, don’t complain.

Thus as college degrees become even more worthless while student loans bills hit the mailboxes, don’t complain.

As we will finally start to see what’s really going on the eastern seaboard post-Sandy, don’t complain.

Israel, I don’t know what to tell you.

When businesses start laying off union workers because few will have the disposable income to buy what they make, don’t complain.

When gas prices start to go back up because the oil cartels realize our drilling moratoriums will remain in place for at least another four years, don’t complain.

Should we have more tragic examples of “workplace violence”, don’t complain.

When more American embassies become terror targets and more American YouTube video creators are blamed, arrested, and jailed despite our First Amendment protection, don’t complained.

When they have to start telling their kids not to keep cellphones on the chargers as much because utility costs are rising due to closing power plants, don’t complain.

When single women have trouble finding eligible, working men to use that free birth control on, don’t complain.

When our healthcare system begins to resemble that of England (and eventually Cuba), don’t complain.

When illegal immigrants and radical religious elements are pandered to and the law-abiding are forced to live with the failed changes they demand, don’t complain.

And when the 47% becomes 50% or higher within the next few years, the takers outnumber the makers, and they demand we pay higher taxes to support them, don’t complain.

Look forward to an empowered TSA, EPA, IRS and don’t complain.

As for Republicans, if the party intelligentsia continues to seek out candidates they believe will appeal more to liberal moderates than its base (thus we continue to lose), don’t complain.

While running for Massachusetts state party chair in 2007, I ran into many in the loyal Romney machine that were in my face in disagreement that you could have all the money in the world but couldn’t win without a message. Mitt Romney had all the money needed but let the Obama campaign define him.

What’s sad is that former McCain losers were absorbed into the Romney campaign, and I fear many Romney losers will infiltrate and co-opt the next Republican presidential attempt.

During that 2008 campaign, I also said that those who support clearly failed leadership need to experience living in the dumpster water so they’ll finally see the clear difference in ideological directions.

That’s already happening in New York City. Democrats will have to live in it for four more years.

Don’t complain.

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  1. Chris

    More “whens”…

    1.  When you are back living with your parents and you realize you can’t afford the iPhone5.

    2.  When your parents (and you as well) lose their home to a storm or another job loss.

    Don’t complain.  Renew the mantra… “Its Bush’s fault!”


  2. Ilion

    “And a president gets re-elected because he is cool and [claims, without evidence, to have] tried very hard to make things better.”

    Fixed it for ya’

    • Chris

      Except the misperception of “tried” has not been changed in the minds of the Kool Ade drinkers.

      • Ilion

        Well, as we all know, Everyone is a “winner” … just for “trying”  And, results are optional; all that matters is “trying”.

  3. Chris

    There are a number of factors at work that resulted in this election result.  Here are a couple:

    1.  My daughters graduated from HS in ’03 & ’05.  They never had a class that included the reading and discussion of “Animal Farm”.  Their curriculum was highly influenced by a unionized teacher union.

    2.  There is no honor code in any schools much less society.  Cheating is standard practice including texting during exams.  This attitude carries forward to society.  Celebs and others get a pass for bad and illegal behavior.  And a president gets re-elected because he is cool and tried very hard to make things better.

  4. Trishmac

    Disgusted with America. We have passed the tipping point of responsible adults.

    The country did not win. We did not win.

    And sadly, the world did not win this time. What other countries see as a great moment and find so wonderful, will  be at their peril. Europe is only steps ahead of us in financial decline, Israel is not safe, and once the Middle East goes further into chaos, with Iran getting nukes etc, we will see another world war with Obama at the helm. My God it gives me shivers.

    Good luck Israel, because Barack does NOT have your back.

    I doubt Republicans will ever win a presidential election again, when so many are demanding of government handouts and so many others think that that is a-o-k..

    Good luck world, because no one in America will be making enough money to send you charitable gifts. And if they TAX it out  of us, there will be a revolt.

    Good bye to all of my aging doctors who have told me that they can’t survive the regulations of Obamacare.

     And Atlas shrugged.

      • Trishmac

        Just heard a great little tweet: “The Mayans were right.”

  5. Igor

    I keep seeing the handwriting on the wall:  “Mene Mene, Tekel, Upharsin”

    Can somebody tell me what they mean?  – the average Great Unwashed Mass(es)

    Hunker down, everybody, stay sharp, stay good with God.  2014 is going to be interesting!!!

    We live in “interesting” times.

    • PsychoDad

      No, Uncle Sam died January 20, 2009. Last night was the final interment.

  6. Subliminal Watch

    OK, suckers, now work very hard for the common good and the ever increasing needy.

  7. Cameron

    Thank you, Bob. That was exactly the perspective I needed right now. I ever meet you in person, I’ll buy the first round.

  8. IT Nerd

    I dont want to say “the fix was in” but doesn’t it seem odd that major polling sites, like Rasmussen, and political insiders with decades of experience all thought Romney by a slight or in some cases large margin yet we find out BO gets the election?   Enthusiasm for Romney appeared to be very high and BO didnt draw nearly the crowds like 2008.

    Something just isn’t adding up right.

    “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes” – Joseph Stalin

    • Mommy RN

      Well, Twitter is abuzz with people claiming to have voted two or three times or more…

      • Ilion

        Well, you know the old saying: “If you’re trying to win an election against a Democrat, you need to win beyond the margin of fraud.”

    • PsychoDad

      Nah — discouraging indeed — but it did come down to a few swing states, as we we all knew. Look at the electoral map — blue coasts and a couple in the middle. I was pretty surprised that even NH went in the tank, even harder than Mass., I think. But the biggies — NY, the West Coast, the rest of New England and mid-Atlantic — those were bought and paid for long ago. It was Florida, Ohio , where else? Was Colorado seriously in play? Oh, Wisconsin looked possible for a while. But yeah, those were what did it.


      And to everyone out there who voted 3rd party instead of Romney — thanks for four more years of Meathead.

  9. Ilion

    Democrats … Don’t Complain

    We all know that they will.  We all know they’ll whine that *they* don’t deserve what will be happening.

    Democrats, you got what you wanted (and we can really point a finger at Obama’s media for properly informing them), so don’t complain.

    There was enough information available to anyone who *wanted* to know it.  They have no excuses. Ever.

    The thing that bums me is that *we* are going to be forced to suffer right along with them.


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