GOP Losers In Our Midst

Steve Schmidt: GOP must muzzle Rush Limbaugh
As I’ve said, accomplished losers like Steve Schmidt are going to seep into and infect the next GOP presidential campaign….

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  1. Cameron

    Dear Mr. Schmidt,

    As a Conservative, I’m not comfortable with the idea of taking away anyone’s freedom of speech regardless of my opinion of them. That’s why I’m not a liberal Democrat anymore.

  2. Larry Sheldon

    WE MUST NOT muzzle the Limbaughs and Becks and, ….

    WE MUST get away from the RINOS and the rest of the RNC that says we have to do what the socialists want only do it first so we get credit for it.

    If that means third party, so be it. But needs to be strong, vigorous and FUNDED, not the several penny and nickle nut-case efforts that suck of votes for no gain.

    • Ilion

      Yet, as long as everyone keeps waiting for *someone else* to form the truly conservative alternative to the RINO-dominated GOP, it will never happen, will it?

  3. Ilion

    Why don’t we conservative just tell the GOP Establishment — “liberals”, after all — to go take a long walk on a short pier?  I have no problem with letting the “Me-Too” Democrats fold.

    If we’d collectively realize that the mover-and-shakers of the GOP don’t respect us any more than the mover-and-shakers of the Dems respect blacks, it would do much good.

  4. The Machine

    Herman Cain is out there today talking about the need for a real third party…

  5. n.n

    Schmidt can always become a Democrat. Their “values” will likely suit him better.

  6. Tallyman

    Rush was full of excuses today about rejecting the goodness of Romney..   It’s don’t bring a wet noodle to a knife fight.  Suppose you were in a new town and had to chose between two restaurants available.   At the Obama Restaurant you were told the food was terrible and poisoned at Romney Restaurant.   And at the Romney Restaurant you were told the food was alright at the Obama Restaurant and slightly better at the Romney Restaurant.   .So you don’t take a chance at the Romney Restaurant.       Nice guys finish last  ~Durocher

    The Republican problem is timidity about attacking the faults of their opponents and wanting to be the nice guy.   Neither Rush nor Schmidt gets it.

  7. Aranem

    We’ve already lost the last two trying to appease the moderates and independents. Time to go old school or knock down the old GOP and start over. GBP maybe? Grand Business Party. Everything translates to dollars and sense.

    I’m a Christian but this election was not about birth control or gay marriage for me. Dems know they are shifting chairs on a sinking ship when they distract voters that way.

    • Iron Mike

      We have nobody to blame for this but our local school boards and the armies of socialist administrators and union teachers they’ve hired over the past 40 years.

      Today there is almost nobody in the country under the age of 50 who was not thoroughly ‘educated’ [aka socialized] by union teachers teaching fairness doctrine’ instead of American History, US Government, Civics, and Economics.

      Over the past weeks I’ve spoken to dozens of Democrats who don’t believe in our $16.2 Trillion federal debt’ and who say the solution is easy – ‘the government can always just print more money!’

      So now at least HALF our population is either dumbed down to the level of serfs, or are already living on the plantation

      The gub’ment’s next step is to issue them free pot to keep them stoned.

      • PB-in-AL

        Yeah, instead of “bread and circuses”, now it’s pot, American Idol, and EBT purchased Cheetos.

        Doood, pass me another piece o dat pizza and stop bogarting the Cheetos.

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