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Maybe we all need take a few days off because it sounds like some of us are starting to lose it.

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  1. Richmedia

    I about fell over when Annie endorsed Romney, and gushed all over Christie. She should stick to her well-researched history books. She is pretty good at that. Her days as a political commentator are over.

    When will the Party learn that Democrat-lite will not win elelctions if the public can vote for the real thing? “Repeal and Replace” should have been simply, “repeal” period.

    Conservatives and Republicans need to draw a stark distinction, a line in the sand, if you will, if ever we will be successful again. And we need a candidate who can do all of that and sell the liberty message and be able to attack and drive that message home. Pandering to the middle will never work. just like compromise never works, that only means that we take a while longer to get to where the left wants us. Which is fine by them.

    It’s not fine by me.

  2. The Machine


    Entertainers who get paid for their telephoned-in interviews.

    Bla-bla-bla-bla Blah.

  3. Tallyman

    Another Coulter affair ends badly: Andrew Stein,ultra Liberal in NYC; the NJ fat man; the MA father figure.  The poor dear missed that Romney was praying for Obama’s success in his concession, like Jesus prayed for Satan’s success.  .She fantasizes Romney as a Conservative and that Reagan was not.  Another of her fantasies was that Romney would have beaten Carter.    Poor Ann should have fantasized about Reagan as a grandfatherly figure.  Where will Ann’s fantasies head next?   Is medication or a real man needed?

  4. n.n

    Exploitation of prejudice has been misrepresented. The left simply exploits differentials and gradients to win favor with opportunists, vulnerable, and myopic individuals. This is the basis for their success with the wealthy and poor, women, and “minorities”. They play to people’s ambitions, fears, and greed. It’s a time tested and provably successful strategy. It is historically typical for people to exchange their liberty for submission with benefits, and it is certainly true for their “leaders” to promise them fantastic results in order to advance their own political, economic, and social standing.

    Perhaps Romney should have spoken plainly and on principles. The crises were caused by promising people a fantasy, appeals to people’s base nature, and, perhaps most important, dissociation of risk. People are too far removed from reality. The feedback mechanisms that exist in a healthy society, which constrain progressive corruption and dysfunction, have been sabotaged and bypassed.

    Anyway, Romney (mostly) promised people reality. A reality which would surely harsh many men and women’s mellow. People, in the majority, clearly prefer the fantasy of a virtual economy, selective dignity, or evolutionary dysfunction.


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