Election Consequence Of The Day

Forward! ‘Obama won, had to fire 22 employees’; Small business owners on Twitter doing same
At some point, some Obama supporters are going have that “What have I done?” moment

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  1. Igor

    And so it begins…….

    A great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be heard throughout the land.  Oh, and blaming of Bush, Romney, Conservatives, et al, will commence.  The Marching Morons got what they wanted.

    • louielouie

      “What have I done?”

      no they won’t.
      i agree with igor. these are liberals. they don’t have enough sense to ask a question like that. they’ll just blame the business owners, or someone, anyone, else.

      • GoodMojo

        George W. Bush, Republicans, Conservatives, God…  Anyone but themselves.

  2. Tallyman

    Vote in haste and repent at leisure on unemployment.   Be sure to have framed photos of your Leader in every room for adoration and inspiration.  Barack loves you. Soon they be so many more non-workers able to vote for cash benefit increases, which Barack and Ben will print, unlike those poor Greeks who can’t print drachmas..  You’ll be eligible for free Obamacare and can stand proudly beside the millions of illegal aliens to wait with for care from the new affirmatively trained new physician assistants.

  3. breadbasket

    There is going to be alot of companies with 49 employees and increased temp staffing. Also, just wait until  companies start dumping health insurance and opt to “pay the fine”. You reap what you sow.


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