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BAD SIGN: FEMA office on Staten Island closes ‘due to weather’
Once again, imagine if this appeared under Bush….

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  1. n.n

    It’s interesting to note that Bush was criticized for the indecision and intransigence of state and local authorities will to act.  While Obama is applauded when the same welcome him with open arms; but, even then, his response is less than optimal.  I detect a bias in the reporting signal.

    Abu Graib – pandemonium.  Benghazi – active countermeasures.

    Katrina – pandemonium.  Irene – calm recognition.  Sandy – active countermeasures.

    This is a record which conclusively establishes press bias.  We should set up an International Panel on Press Bias (IPPB) to establish a consensus.

    • GoodMojo

      Why bother, n.n.?  Claiming a consensus where none exists has always worked for libs.  I’m henceforth inclined to reject “The Marques of Queensbury” rules when dealing with leftists.

      • n.n

        So, can I count on your affirmative vote at the IPPB?

        The left will always have the advantage in a “diverse” society for reasons I have already stated.

        The right should be concerned that corruption in the exception ever becomes overwhelming. The key to mitigating this progression is to strictly limit dissociation of risk; and, of course, recognize that by definition, liberty is only suitable for individuals capable of self-moderating behavior.

        You can submit to corruption, participate, and respond in kind, but be careful that it does not consume you.

      • GoodMojo

        It’s not corruption I wish to submit to.  I’m just now more cognizant than ever, that while we play (the”game”) by certain rules, they wage war with no rules at all.  Is this not a recurring theme?

        Did we not just get reamed by a despot, his team, and his media flunkies while our chosen candidate took the high road?  Just how much of that vaunted Obama “ground game” consisted of voter fraud?

        Are we not still fighting on foreign shores, because our adversaries expect us to play “slap and tickle” according to the Geneva Conventions, and use a “small footprint”?  After all, we wouldn’t want to offend a bunch of fundamentalist murderers, would we?  History has not obviated the efficacy of proportional responses to attacks

        I simply suggest that henceforth, when others go to war against us, we resist (their and all) efforts to frame the conflict as a game, where we are the only ones playing by rules.

        “If you slap me, I pound you into pate”.  “If you plot to kill me, I destroy you.”  Failure to show such strength and resolve has aided an abetted Leftisms inexorable march.

        As for the IPPB, I’ll vote affirmative.  As a caveat, however, I am forced to remind all of  “The United Nations”, who have never met a dictator they didn’t like.  I’m just not sure an international body would have any teeth.

        We were one of the few nations that enjoyed a free press, we are now suffering a corrupt press that feels free to lie.

  2. Ilion

    Clearly, “You’re doing a great job, Brownie” doesn’t translate into Democratese.

  3. Igor

    “The Revolution will be delayed due to bad weather” – (c)OWS


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