Election 2012: The Moron Vote

That’s right, I said it!

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  1. Ilion

    Bob Parks:… the moron vote … People didn’t realize what they were voting for …

    Sure they did — and they promptly and continuously lied to themselves about it.

    The thing is, morons can’t help but do stupid things. They know no better, and by definition, can know no better. Ever.

    We’re not really talking about morons here, we’re talking about fools — fools purposely do stupid things, fools do what they *know* is stupid, or contrary to reality, or cannot not have terrible result. And they do it anyway … and then, when the totally predictable inevitable results inevitably happen, they lie about their own fault for it, and try to blame those who were working against it.

    • Ilion

      Things are going to get very bad — and the Obamanation will blame, and if they can pull it off, will persecute, those of us who have opposed it.

  2. Koala

    Always good to see ,and hear, you in front of the camera, Bob. Who will see to it that the black voters are better informed? Why are the democrats STILL getting away with keeping them dumbed down? Bob, if you tried to start a program that teaches critical thinking in inner city schools would you get support from the powers that be?

    • Igor

      Koala, the “powers that be” will do everything they can to say NO, especially since Bob isn’t a part of the Teachers Thug Union…

  3. Igor

    Nice interview, Bob!  BTW, don’t be afraid to use the Moron and Loser labels.  Forget the PC crap…


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