Why One Dimensional RINOs Lose

Romney got less votes than McCain/Palin, because Romney was more one dimensional than McCain/Palin.  Simple two and three dimensional math explain why Romney lost and why RINOs fail.   What follows is a copy of my earlier post on March 26, 2012.    In another of my posts linked here,  you will see Romney giving everything to Kennedy and hundreds of pittances to Conservatives. RINOs never learn

Romney’s Math Is Stuck In His One Dimensional Political Fallacy
Romney and his supporters see the voters as existing along a one dimensional line going from extreme right to extreme left. Using this model they seek to place Romney just past the 50% mark between extreme left and extreme right. Thus, in order to win the Republican nomination, Romney plans to fool the conservatives that he is at the 25% point toward the right and then after nomination he’ll reposition himself at the 51% point by moving left.

The Nolan chart’s dashed line is the extent of Romney and his supporters one dimensional world. But the Nolan chart is two dimensional and Romney ignores the areas off his line. The reality is that Romney and his supporters live in a three dimensional world and voters are not in equal numbers on both sides of his Nolan line, nor even in the same two dimensional geometric plane. A better picture is a variant of the Nolan Chart which uses red for leftism and blue for rightism to show a more accurate weights to the numbers of voters in each group. These red and blue numbers are found in the Gallup survey which in 2011 showed 41% conservative, 38% moderate and 21% liberal.

Even this variant of the Nolan Chart does not show the three dimensional volumes of voters, of non-voters and of may-vote-this-time voters.   Unlike the Romney model, voters are not trapped one dimensionally between a Republican area and a Democrat area, they can come from anywhere in the voter-three-dimensional-volume and even from the usually-not-voting volume. The winning Presidential candidate will not attract voters just between their two fields along a one dimensional line, but from all three directions.

Obama wisely seeks the student-vote, the illegal-immigrant-and-supporter-of-illegal-vote, and the remaining Black vote from the Black-usually-not-voting-volume. Outside the always-vote-Republican-volume are lots of conservative people who have no respect for Republican nor Democrat politicians and when Romney moves to capture the voters between the Republican and Democrat volumes, he becomes less attractive as a typical Republican politician to these voters.

Wake up Romney, the weighted center balance point on the variant Nolan Chart is not in the Centrism area but across the line in the Rightism area.  A firm written commitment to Tea Party like fiscal principles and conservative values will attract the majority to you.   Failure to do so makes you appear as a pandering politician rather than a principled conservative, with the consequential loss of voters.

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  1. Chris

    So who is or was a “real conservative”?

    I’ll choose William F. Buckley.  Remember him?  Or are you one of many “conservatives” that hasn’t?

    Bill said he always supported the most conservative candidate that could win.

    Do you think the Dems like Barry, Bubba or Hillary?  They like winners over purity of ideology.

    One thing that this election should have taught everyone is that the polls are very good at determining voter sentiment.  So develop a potential platform,  test and tweak it, and then send some candidates into a few tough districts at mid term to see what flies and which thuds.  Abortion?  Shut the hell up until you have an acceptable position that does not scare anyone.  I have one that would get a Cardinal’s blessing and not offend most.  It’s easy to figure out… I gave you a hint.

    Immigration?  Better have a winning idea.  Gold standard?  Don’t be loony.  The average voter has no comprehension of what you are suggesting and I doubt if you do either.

    So Barry gets a second term. What was his platform in 2008 and 2012? Nobody ever really knew and most of the fools don’t to this day. He wanted to win. That’s what a Community Organizer always focuses upon.

  2. Ilion

    Indeed, RINOs never learn.

    Some here may excoriate me — and I don’t give a damn if they do (*) — I simply could not bring myself to vote for Romney, and so I voted for the Constitution Party.

    (*) There must come a time for all real conservative when they refuse to vote for “the lesser of the two evils” … because, in the end, leftism is still leftism, no matter which smiley-face mask it is wearing.


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