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Republicans really need to rethink their strategy going forward…

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  1. Tallyman

    It’s an age old fantasy that some anointed/chosen leader is going make things better.   God told the Jews through Samuel in Samuel 8 that “I am the one they rejected as their king,”

    Or, revealed by the Tyrants selected in Athens by a majority of the people ,

    Or bread and circuses in Rome, or Germany in 1935, or Italy in 1930, or those masterminds described by Mark Levin in his Ameritopia, or by socialist fantasies described by Hayek in Road to Serfdom.

    Lord Acton describes our pending demise with “The finest opportunity ever given the world was thrown away because the passion for equality made vain the hope for freedom.”

  2. mdgiles63

    One other thing, I had placed great faith in the collective wisdom of the American people. I had assumed that they would simply look at the record of Obama’s last four years, and judge him incompetent for the job he held. Now I’m beginning to wonder if the Leftists aren’t on to something, and that they may be right about the people being unfit to rule themselves, and their need to be lead around by an elite.

    • n.n

      That’s where this “democratic” experiment is heading.  They are exploiting differentials and gradients, and appealing to people’s base nature, in order to marginalize and eviscerate their competing interests.

      This reminds me of Russians who were emancipated by communists, only to be subsequently enslaved by their purported “saviors”.

  3. mdgiles63

    I’m intrigued that so many young women seem to know nothing about the law. The USSC has declared abortion and contraception a Constitutional Right. Absent a reversal by the Supreme Court or a Constitutional amendment, that shall remain the law of the land. The idea that any President can simply outlaw abortion is asinine.

  4. IT Nerd

    If anything is to change within the Republican party it starts with hiring a competent marketing team.

    The Dems marketing team was such that they convinced a majority of Americans to vote for the unknown guy with a sketchy background, no experience at any level and name that sounded much like public enemy #1.

    Then 4 years later that same marketing team convinced a majority of Americans that high unemployment, food and fuel prices and global uncertanty didn’t matter.  What really matters is free contraception, abortions on demand, and that successful businessmen with proven records are really evil corporate white guys who are out of touch with struggling common folk.

    If the Dems can win two separate elections with a nobody then the Republicans need to build their marketing team via free agency

  5. Koala

    My strategy would be a more aggressive approach towards the constant attacks from the extremest left. There are multiple ads portraying conservatives as extremists and hate-filled. Those who cherish the sacredness of man to woman marriage  are demonized and labeled  hate groups. The web abounds with misinformation and out of context quotes aimed at vilifying the conservative view. Face Book friends are gleefully posting sophomoric anti-conservative quotes daily.  Big money that is behind those propaganda machines have not been outed. Facts must be presented in simple elementary terms so that the vast majority can understand them. There is a whole lot of preaching to the choir and walking on eggshells. “Women” need to be better informed about PP , that it will not go away without government funding and that the strategically placed alternative County Health Departments will still be there for all services other than abortions. The damage abortion causes to the woman’s body is NEVER revealed to us. Statistics on gay child molestation go unexplained and misrepresented. Time to aggressively implement the Socratic method of debate and circumvent the retroactive interference caused by the insidious indoctrination  from the left. Look at the language the left uses against conservatives! It is time to turn the tables and use same terminology against the left that has been spewed at the right. Call them extremist hate groups.    Bob and a select few are the only one’s working to get the message to the masses and for that i am grateful.


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