Blue or Red: What Color Is Your Campus?

Students only: From your experience, do you believe most of your teachers/professors are…?

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  1. The Dead Man

    Out this way it really seems to be a mixed bag. I had an English teacher registered Republican, a Libertarian history teacher and a political sciences teacher I was sure was Democrat, but never busted me on making jokes aimed at them buried in my essays. The subject’s not come up with the hard sciences classes I’ve taken, but I know more than a few of the admins lean left. I’m in the middle of Utah though, I think that skews the results a bit.

  2. Igor

    I hung around the Engineering/Sciences a lot, so my profs didn’t have that problem.  This year, I was pleasantly surprised to see them with me at the County Republican Convention… those that hadn’t died off…

    I graduated college in ’81, FYI


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