The B&R Saturday Skim

Petraeus resigns after affair with biographer turned up in FBI probe
Clinton Turns Down Request to Testify on Benghazi Next Week
Who Had the Dirt on Petraeus?
This comes out after the election, before Benghazi testimony, and dumped late Friday afternoon. Nothing suspicious here…

Attention focuses on author who resides in Charlotte
Let’s hope she got her free birth control
Judge denies Rep. West’s motion to impound ballots
Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, FL – 141% Turnout
Florida’s tainted vote
Allen West doesn’t strike me the sore loser type. There must be something there…
Floodgates Open on New Health Regs
Can we rightfully assume half the electorate couldn’t read?
Michelle Obama 2016: Why Not?
And we thought the Clintons were a curse…
From Katrina To Sandy, FEMA Rumors and Failures Keep Swirling
The difference remains selective and preferential media coverage
Democrats’ mandate madness
Obama claims a mandate, give him his mandate. When his formula fails, give him all the blame
Obama´s Benghazi Scapegoat Gets Year In Prison
An American is imprisoned to cover for an administration: the scariest part of the whole scandal
TSA grabs union contract
How many “rubber rooms” around the country will they need?
CAIR Poll: More Than 85% of American-Muslims Picked Obama
What will their payoff demands be?
Post-Election, Media Free to Report on Coming Recession
“Media free to report”… interesting choice of words
Supreme Court Will Take Up Major Voting Rights Case
With this bunch, I now expect the worst

6 Responses

  1. Mauser

    West is a HUGE danger to the left, and they’re going to pull out all the stops to try to neutralize him.

  2. Dave J

    How ironic the title of her book. Supposedly there are a few at the fbi that are upset that they had to stand down until after the election… many scandals can the msm ignore or bury?

  3. Koala

    Why am I not surprised by the rampant voter fraud? What is most surprising is how the MSM is down playing it. They chuckle and shake their heads at Florida. They must not have permission to pursue the subject.

  4. Tallyman

    The NY Times rightly named him. BetrayUs started with a brown nose at West Point and married the commander’s daughter to get his first leg up. Whereas an honest man would resign and publicly condemn the Barack Afghan rules of engagement, which put his underlings in great danger, BetrayUs lived up to his name. BetrayUs was appointed to head the CIA because both Barack and BetrayUs knew he was compromised. BetrayUs, the swine, knew what was going on at Benghazi and covered up for his enabler in chief and screwed the American people, because his brown nose had spread to his brown tongue. There is nothing to respect in a general who sells out his country and his men.

    Hey suckers, trust in our greatest legal system, in our courts, in our judges, and in our prosecutors lead by Eric Holder.

    Questioned ballots are always impounded, except when something needs to be covered up. Black robes never improve a lawyer’s character..

    • Igor

      Nevertheless, something smells like like yesterday’s diapers.

      Tallyman, I’ll take Petraeus over Colin Powell any day.

      • Tallyman

        The racist Powell at least didn’t sell out his race, his men under him, his wife,and  his country.     BetrayUs sold his soul for high office and served a devil.   He is now trying to run and hide to protect his devil.

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