ObamaCare: The New Normal They’ll Pay For

Obamacare’s victory sets off a stiff competition for taxpayer dollars between Obamacare, Medicaid, and Medicare. It’s a battle that the elderly, in particular, are likely to lose.

It’s clear those who voted for Obama didn’t know or care much about the real math. In the end, they’ll be whining because they weren’t warned.

Yes, we did.

  • Igor

    From Timon Autolycus , on NRO:

    A younger generation, who were educated especially in public schools and been shaped largely by collectivist cadres to have primarily social skills, are otherwise cultural, historical, scientific, philosophical illiterates. Their minds, perceptions, and imaginations have been both formed and informed and primarily inflamed by various electronic media–television, movies, “music”–that have fed them almost constantly the lewd and lurid. Outwardly, they can be sweetly nice, even personable; some actually have personalities. Inwardly, they lack character, to the point of being, not necessarily yet in deed, moral monsters and credal cretins. Some of them are even politically conservative, or think they are; some espouse a religion, usually incoherent. Yes, they are the barbarians within the gates: they were born there and comfortably raised there. They are the children of democracy Plato described and they are following the Pied Piper he also predicted would follow democracy’s increasing anarchy: the Erotic Tyrant. But what the philosopher could not adumbrate is the difference in kind when bourgeois nihilism (the Right) and bureaucratic nihilism (the Left) come together in the public square. We can clearly see the Erotic Tyrant in a Hitler or Lenin or Stalin or Mao, but fail to see it in a Clinton or an Obama–because in one way or another, to the extent that we are part of or in regular proximity to the Sexual Revolution, we are all of us in one degree or another so many little erotic tyrants, slaves to our desires in a democracy whose singular principle is the equality of all desires. To the extent that as a people we are, or were, a uniquely republican form of democracy–elaborately and carefully constructed by the Founders to avoid the pitfalls of democracy Plato and other classical philosophers detected and worried over–we have mostly escaped the modes of more inhuman degradation. Until now. To the extent that we have increasingly succumbed to an egalitarianism without limit and made desire the criterion for political activism and entitlement, we have detrimentally confused liberty with license and gradually replaced it with the satisfaction of all desires. We may be or try to be conservatives at home, but as soon as we turn on the TV or go out the front door we all mostly become liberals. Its the “cultural” atmosphere in which we breathe, or try to. Liberalism is itself no longer what it originally was and has escaped its moorings in self-disciplined liberty to explore non-judgmental experience while practicing expedience. And we, far too many liberals and likewise too many conservatives, who more and more identify with animal spirits and youthful energy, forget that genuine liberty is not merely political or economic, not only (though very importantly) moral, but spiritual in a more radical way, ultimately transcendental and rooted in Divinity. Liberty: not one of us.


    Very good words from somebody who “gets it”.  Wish *I* was this smart.

  • WDC

    Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. 

    Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.

    H. L. Mencken
    • Tallyman

      “If millions of foolish people want a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”   ~ Anatole France paraphrased

  • “Obamacare’s victory sets off a stiff competition for taxpayer dollars between Obamacare, Medicaid, and Medicare. It’s a battle that the elderly, in particular, are likely to lose.”

    “Elderly”!  That’s me!

    But he is wrong.  It is the new normal that we (who already paid at least once) will pay for.

  • It’s clear those who voted for Obama didn’t know or care much about the real math. In the end, they’ll be whining because they weren’t warned.

    Yes, we did.

    And, even though we did warn them, they will continue to deny that they were warned … and then they’ll blame us for the result. They will “reason” like this: “1) You didn’t warn us this would be the result; and 2) The fact that you told us this would be the inevitable result is proof that you’re causing this result

  • Tallyman

    They’ll be dying, not whining.    There is no free lunch.  Obama gives and they take.  And Obama takes plenty.   In Obama economics, it is a zero sum game.     The number of takers increases, while the number of service providers and revenue providers decrease.    For the Obamoids and Obama, who had trouble with seventh grade math, a simple example involving only division is provided.

    If there are 100 people and 60 of them work and contribute $100 each, the 100 of them each take an equal share of $60 for medical care.     When there are only 50 of them working and contributing, there is only $50 each for medical costs.    And when there are only 40 working, each receives only $40 for medical care.   Of course, Barack the Magnificent will still give each $60 each for healthcare and he will decree that the workers must give 50% more, or $150 each.   Then Barack the Magnificent sees more needy arriving from the south, who he benevolently gives $60 each for healthcare  Then, each day more of the workers become, of necessity, ill from too much work.   The remaining workers then work harder for the common good, as heroes of the State..     Who is John Galt, will then need to be answered, when the goose with the golden eggs dies?.

  • Chris

    An article in the WSJ this past summer brought attention to the fact that the ACA (ObamaCare) has a provision that funds the Dept of HHS and IRS a total of $750M, split 50-50, to establish all the regs and fund the hiring and training of IRS agents.

    They’re close to running out of funding and nowhere near finished.  Additionally, only about 14 states have made any attempt to do their part to manage the monster and don’t get any fed funding in any case.  The 14 are having trouble figuring out what to do and the feds are slow in answering questions and in most cases are not even responding.  The rest of the states have an attitude that the fed created the mess, let them run it.

    The Dems in Congress know that the HHS and IRS are almost out of funding but are trying to argue that the ACA gets all the funds it needs and the lack of continuous funding is an error.  The GOP says the opposite and has told the Dems to simply ask for more funding.

    So there could be a big fight to fund a program that never got a single GOP vote.  Be vigilant and don’t let the GOP approve any more funding.

    • Tallyman

      Our champion, our hero, selected by those we elected in Congress, aka Boehner the Wimp, has fallen from his miniature horse, wet himself and is crying.

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