Open Thread Sunday

In case any of you out there are thinking about moving in the near future…

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  1. louielouie

    bob is just blowing smoke.
    dr. coburn is not going to seek re-election. his field rep. told me so the last time he was in my store.
    that is going leave oklahoma with some dumb shit rino as US senator.
    four years ago i tried to get bob to move to oklahoma.
    i even gave my word not to make direct contact with him if he did so.
    knuckledragnbiblethumpnguntotnrednekracist that i am.
    where did he move to?
    nuf said.

  2. Jewels

    No, no, no! Don’t move TO a red state! Move to a blue state! It’s time to take back what we’ve lost! Not retreat… Sheesh!

    • louielouie

      with all due respect, Jewels, besides a marxist, who in the hell would want to move to a blue state?

  3. GoodMojo

    Got everything I need right here in the red states…

    • Palmetto

      Here you go, Maddie:

  4. Mommy RN

    I don’t have to move, either. Idaho panhandle… the kids even learn gun safety and marksmanship in public school. Live in a town of 900, old fashioned values, can pray in school, love, love, love it here!

  5. Palmetto

    I don’t have to move — left Chicago for the sunny south 34 years ago.  Come to the upstate of South Carolina.  We always go Republican.  Plus mountains less than an hour away, beach less than four hours.  Snow closes schools and offices it is so rare here.  A right-to-work state.  A church almost anywhere you look.  Low property and sales taxes.  I couldn’t ask for too much more.

  6. Iron Mike

    Sad. You can sort’a see what the borders of the new countries will be after the war…

    • Adrian

      Born and raised in Oklahoma, moved to Texas in May. I agree with what you just said 100%!

    • TexRex

      FWIW:  I moved to Texas from Massachusetts to get away from the gimme leftist mentality, I don’t miss the northeast at all!  That being said, if it weren’t for all of the “country folk”  Obama would have carried Texas with 65% of the vote based on the votes from largest urban counties.  It was the votes from all of the smaller counties that kept this state in the red.

      • louielouie

        FWIW, hussein didn’t carry a single county in oklahoma.
        with that said, if you do decide to leave, please consider your brethren north of the red?

  7. n.n

    The land of pioneers and entrepreneurs is being asphyxiated. Corruption is no longer progressive, it is conclusive.

    Still, I wonder if we have reached critical mass.  There is a lot of wealth in America.  Much of it in the form of promissory notes; but also unrecovered and unprocessed resources.  Perhaps there is still a chance to avoid normalizing a culture defined by the seven deadly sins.  Of course, that would requiring addressing causes and to stop treating the perpetually profitable symptoms.

  8. Ilion

    My father left the South, and I really don’t want to have to go back there.  I suppose I could go back to Indiana, but I’d rather not.


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