The B&R Veterans Day Skim

All the best to my brothers and sisters!

Florida officials order partial recount in tight House race between Rep. West and Democratic challenger Murphy
It’s still not over…
Holly Petraeus: The Woman Behind the General
6 lingering questions about the exit of Gen. David Petraeus
I still don’t think we yet know enough to keep it at six
Rep Gowdy: Either Petraeus Will Come and Testify to Congress Or He Will Be Subpoenaed
This will be interesting
Applebee’s targeted after franchisee mulls hiring freeze in response to Obamacare
Papa John’s Pizza CEO to Cut Hours of Employees; Puts Blame on Obamacare
The Me Generation still can’t count
Military timeline from night of Benghazi attack begs more questions
Who knows when we’ll get the answers
BBC must reform or face uncertain future, says chairman
The media fucked up and took responsibility. What a concept!
Legislators take a break from destroying California to endorse “Meatless Monday”
Hope you enjoy your full mouth of liberalism
Stay the blame and ‘resolve to stop the madness’
I concur
Cuomo´s ´Climate Change´- Linking ´We Didn´t Have Hurricanes´ Statement on Sandy Collapses Easily Under Scrutiny
It usually does
Sunday shows feature many members of Congress arguing money and stuff
That’s kinda all there is left, right?
Obama Plays Golf
Back to the ol’ routine
No, Mr. Boehner, the Constitution is the Law of the Land
We REALLY need a new Speaker
Andrew Sullivan: ‘Fox News has to be demonized and cut off’
Yet another tolerant, free-speech liberal makes his thoughts known
Brussels Bans Annual Christmas Tree Display – It May Offend Muslims
Wouldn’t want them protesting and burning shit
Obama: Voters agreed with me
The arrogance continues (as we knew it would)
Jackson: Black Voters Deserve A Return On Election ‘Investment’
Sorry black people. Since Democrats knew they had your vote, Latinos and single women were the flavors of the month. Get to the back of the bus

8 Responses

  1. gagblue

    What are you sportin’ there in the photo, Bob, ’bout a 30″ waist?   Ahhh . . .  the good ol’ days.  There’s certainly a lot of truth in the old adage about youth being wasted on the young.

    A great big ‘THANK YOU’ and best wishes to all our veterans on a day when we celebrate those who have given their all to ensure our freedom to do so, and more.

  2. Cameron

    Happy Veteran’s Day to you, Bob. Thank you for being there with a good source of news and rantings.


  3. Koala

    A salute to the veterans. God bless.                                                                                                                                  “This is my son, my only son, and I give him up for a people who don’t – care that they’re free at the cost of his life. I understand now your sacrifice. …”                                                        

  4. Cheesestick

    Those tweets about Papa Johns and Applebee’s take the cake.  Further proof the obama voters are dumb as bricks.  The Applebee’s guy didn’t even say he was going to fire people; just stated the fact that they may have to freeze new employment.  So the ignorant tweeters are now going to attempt to boycott these companies.  I don’t believe there would be enough people participating in it to notice, but let’s just say they were successful and really financially hurt these businesses.  What do they think will happen next??  The companies would just have to fire even more minimum wage, part time workers.  Do Obama voters know anything about business?  At all?

  5. Amberson

    Let’s all declare every Monday to be Chik-fil-A day.

  6. Tallyman

    Andrew Cuomo”s god of warming is dead.

    First, it’s meatless Monday; then Tuesday and Wednesday.    They bought the Democrat pigs in pokes into their houses and now they can watch them grow to fill their whole houses.

    In re; General BetrayUs and wife.   Would Barack pick an honest man?   Would the White House Liar and/or Forked Tongue Warren chose honorable people?    Swine of a bred swill together.   Was BetrayUs’ sow too fat for him?

    The Wimp Boehner ran away again.

    Jesse Jackson’s voters got what they deserved and will get a bigger dose.


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