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At least liberals are equal opportunity haters….

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  1. aelfheld

    Not ‘equal opportunity haters’ so much as insatiable. No matter the extent of the exaction it is always, always insufficient.

  2. RockThisTown

    Did I hear West describe Obama as a Rockefeller Republican in black face? Not even going to address the racial implications of that, but minorities (not just blacks) could do a lot worse than a Rockefeller Republican, although I certainly realize Smiley, West, Jackson, Sharpton et al aren’t concerned about their black brethren. But Obama is NOT a Rockefeller Republican in black face. He’s a America-hating, socialist, anti-capitalist, redistributionist, Marxist – nowhere close to a Rockefeller Republican. I live in a state where Winthrop Rockefeller was governor for two years following the segregationist Orville Faubus and it was a completely different state when Rockefeller left office. Rockefeller brought in more industry than any governor before or since; he appointed more blacks to boards, commissions, states agencies & more than any governor before or since, and tried (but was blocked by a hostile Democrat-controlled legislature) to improve education, especially for blacks, cleaned up illegal gambling, election law reform (imagine the election shenanigans that went on when the process was controlled solely by Dems) and more. I repeat, Obama is NOT a Rockefeller Republican in black face as West suggests.

  3. Koala

    That is the problem with narcissists. Can’t they all just get along?

  4. Tallyman

    They don’t trust their Marxist stooge has enough brains to actually carry out a Marxist agenda.  They’re pushing him to listen the an intelligent Marxist, not his mirror.

  5. eNeecie

    What a couple of liars. Of course they are extremely disappointed the Republicans didn’t take over. If there had been a Republican landslide, these two would have made a bundle on the lecture circuit as freedom fighting rebels. However, with an Obama win they are just a couple of spoiled sports. Did you see the expression on the liberal babe’s face when he insulted Obama. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley have been listening to their own BS for so long that they now believe it. They forget who the real racists are and I think the Libs want to get credit for voting black TWICE and they aren’t going to have much patience for blacks who don’t play along.


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