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White House website deluged with secession petitions from 20 states
If you follow their rules, you should get a “response”. Will this administration keep its promise to The People or will they just blow us off, and if that’s the case what’s the real purpose of this webpage?

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  1. Igor

    Texas first, then Oklahoma, or Arizona.  We morons up here in The Peepul’s Republik of Warshington are too inbred to want to get away from the US Gubmint teat.  At least, the Seattlites are…

    • Mommy RN

      Come east to Idaho and you will find some more like minded souls (although, generally I try to discourage Washingtonians from moving in).

      • Igor

        I’m right across the border, within spittin’ distance.  I used to live literally 1 house away from the Idaho State line!  Don’t think I haven’t considered it…

  2. Koala

    One can be sure that some “punishing’ the “enemies” will continue. Too bad the “friends” will also suffer.           For the people with balls, demands must be made for a bill stating that all redundant governmental departments, bills and regulations are to be eliminated before any more departments, bills and regulations may be added. Representatives may no longer have a staff. All work must be done by that representative. Slowing down [to a crawl] the already inefficient government should be the focus. If i were a lawyer i would write up a bill and present it to my congressman. He is most likely the only person that would attempt to implement it.

  3. GoodMojo

    “Will this administration keep its promise to The People or will they just blow us off, and if that’s the case what’s the real purpose of this webpage?”

    To “blow us off”?

    • Igor

      Why, yes.  Yes they will.  If you think Ogabe gives a rat’s rear end about the Great Unwashed Masses (except at election time) then you haven’t been paying attention!

  4. Tallyman

    The Constitution was a contract of a government with the States and the people therein.  The people within certain States seek remedy for failure to abide by said contract.

    • Ilion

      Indeed.  The Constitution is a contract between the States and The People to create a Federal Union.

      Following from this:

      1) Lincoln was wrong, and the Civil War really was “The War of Northern Aggression”

      2) NO branch of the federal government has the authority to declare what is and is not Constitutional.

      • Tallyman

        Deciding what is or is not constitutional is not addressed in the contract, therefore one party, the government through its courts, cannot act unilaterally and must resolve this by negotiation among the parties, which are the government, and the States and the people therein.

      • Ilion

        You’re close, but you’re missing the point — the federal government is not even a party to the Constitution — it does not exist until the States cause it to exist, by means of the Constitution.

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