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In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes
Election Fraud? Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts
Seriously, not one…?

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  1. mamahen

    so a way to show theres fraud is get a person who says they voted for Romney or whomever and it proves that he didn’t get 100 percent of the vote why not advertise for someone to come forward in Philadelphia in one of those zones that supposedly had 100 percent?

  2. tv2112

    It would be pretty easy to validate. Ask random voter to come forward that voted for Omney. If there ballots were changed or not counted you have voter fraud. Prosecute the election officials in charge. Our course it won’t happen since we have a monarchy now.

  3. Ilion

    Oh, now!  This is just a text-book example of well-functioning Party Discipline.

  4. ecotim

    I definately think that there was voter fraud in Philly, The Mormons are building one of their temples in downtown philly. To have one there there has to be a substantial amount of members in the area. It is hard to beleive that not a single mormon in philly would not have voted for Romney.

    Just saying.

  5. Dave J

    For romney/ryan to have gotten 3 million less than mccain/palin somebody would have had to dump a few ballots in the river…or rig the machines a bit. Or i guess in Pa the NBP couold have been handing out……sample ballots.

  6. eNeecie

    Well, now we know why the Democrats were telling their supporters to not pay attention to any of the exit polls, especially in Ohio. I thought they were scared, but they were just confident. They said they got their votes in early and now we see the results.

    Republicans are stupid because they have never have tackled this problem when they were in office. Mark Steyn had made an excellent point when he said, “that when Republicans win they are more interested in staying in office than staying in power.” Republicans never go after voter fraud. They never empty out the corrupt officials and bureaucrats. Now, I am afraid we will never have a fair election. All they need to do is stuff a few ballot boxes in the big cities and they win.

    However, they could never get away with this if the election was a landslide. It shouldn’t be this close.

    It is stupid for the Republicans to start screaming that they need to change their message when their message isn’t getting out there. Look at the people you interview on the street. All they know about Republicans is the leftist propaganda. I hear the same thing from people I talk to (who aren’t rabid conservatives). Yes, we have lots of information on the Internet but no one is listening. We need to start taking back the media, the entertainment industry, the schools, the universities, and the national conversation. We need to show that there is nothing “cool” about tyrany.

    • Igor

      And, when they start crying about how bad things they are (and they will, and blame it on anybody but themselves), we need to tell ’em to “Shut the **** up, you brought it upon yourselves!”  Over, and over, and over, and over until it soaks into their pathetic little intellects that maybe, just maybe they screwed up.  By the numbers.

      This might take some time, though.

  7. Iron Mike

    Easy! Obama took lessons from Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

    “It doesn’t matter who votes; – it matters who counts the votes.”  J Stalin

  8. GoodMojo

    Leftists are at war with conservatives, while conservatives play games with them.  It’s a recurring theme.

  9. Koala

    We already know there is massive fraud. Who has the balls to support West? Or, will support West’s balls, or something like that. This comment just deteriorated. Sorry.

  10. Tallyman

    The game is rigged and only a fool would continue to play under their rules.

  11. Igor

    Aren’t these the voting “divisions” that didn’t have observers, etc.?  Mighty fishy, don’cha think?!?!  I mean, there could be onsies or twosies for Mittens or even an error or two creep in, but 100% in the tank for Ogabe just is not possible without some MAJOR shenanigans.


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