‘Mistake’ Of The Day

Photoshopped book title from Paula Broadwell’s Gen. David Petraeus’ biography goes viral on web
Denver 7’s Photoshop artists and producers are clearly reading-challenged because there’s no real upside (including the traditional liberal military-bashing) to going there. Then again, doing a quick Google search of the correct title, the graphic they claimed to find online isn’t immediately present….

Okay. I found one.

4 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    They’re all going under the bus for Barack.    She should demand to arm wrestle Mochelle as the Great White Hope and then Chicken Legs Barack, himself .   They claimed Hoover was bad, when he blackmailed the Kennedys.   Eric Holder’s FBI  makes Hoover look like an amateur.

    • Igor

      Hoover was an amateur compared to those that follow the Marxist/Communist playbook…

  2. gagblue

    She seems to love showing off those biceps . . . I mean, she couldn’t find a blouse with sleeves?


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