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War memorial vandalized: Police call desecration a hate crime
I’m genuinely surprised….

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    • The Machine

      When your enemy is busy making a mistake, do not interrupt him.

      • n.n

        That’s true.  I would guess that many, or even most, Muslims are neither extremists nor fanatical, let alone imperial.  They are unlikely to support an international Taliban.  Most Muslims are moderate and nationalistic (or tribal), which, coincidentally, are the targets in Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.

    • Igor

      Can we do the same to that little black rock they walk around in Mecca?  I’d say a 2000 pounder would do nicely…

      How about the Dome of the Rock?

  1. Ilion

    I’m genuinely surprised….

    … that the officials are calling it a ‘hate crime’


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